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12 Angry Men is a 1957 American court-produced film starring Sydney Limited, adapted into a 1954 teleplay of the same name by Reginald Rose. []] []] The case involved a 12-member judge when he decided to confess or apologize to the 18-year-old defendant when [out of suspicion] the judge questioned his conduct and importance. Forced

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12 Angry men discover many concepts of design and in the process of consensus with this group of men with many personal characteristics, apart from multiple uses and conflicts.

It also detects the power required to change rapidly. Jury members can only be found in numbers. Anonymity only came up in the last interview. The film forces people and individuals to evaluate their own image by looking at the judges’ roles, past experiences and actions. The film is also important for the use of almost the entire layer, where there are all but three minutes of film.

In 2007, the film was nominated for a National Registration Award by the Library of Congress as “Cultural, Historical or Aesthetic.” []] The film was named the second best-selling movie track (Killing Mockingbird) by the American Film Institute for its AFI Top 10 Top 10. [9]

A jury in New York’s Court of Appeals is preparing a case against an 18-year-old man accused of killing his father. The judge told them that if there was any doubt, the judge should reconsider the acquittal. If convicted, the accused is sentenced to death. The decision should be made in public.

At first, the evidence seemed plausible: a neighbor saw his father standing by the window, looking at the plaintiff’s stick.

Another neighbor said he heard the defendant threaten to kill his father and father by hitting them on the ground, and then the defendant ran out of the hole. Table. The young man had been abused in the past and had recently bought a victim of the same type seen at the scene of the murder, but admitted that he had lost it. The knife was washed from his fingers.

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When the first four judges take a bit of a decision. Juror 7 was especially anxious to get his ticket to baseball. In the pre-trial vote, all the judges voted against only January 8, who thought there should be some debate before the trial. He questioned the credibility of the witnesses and provided unsatisfactory evidence of the murder by setting up a pocket hunting unit.

He said he could not vote against the sentence because there was not enough credibility. With his convincing argument in this case, Jorur 8 proposed a secret ballot, which he will reject. If he still votes against all the other judges, he will be forgiven. The vote shows the unelected candidate. Journal 9 revealed that it has changed the vote in compliance with the commitment of Journal 8 and has accepted further discussions.

The Jorur 8 engine claims that the noise of passing trains can once again create another danger, which is guaranteed to be heard. Juror 5 changed his voice, much like Juror 11, who thought the defendant had indeed killed his father, then returned to the scene a few hours later to retrieve his weapon. will come. Murder when he had already washed his fingers. Juror 8 means people always say “I want to kill you” without any meaning.

Judges 5, 6, and 8 asked more about the other witness’s story. Joror 3 was furious .He was and after a strong argument tried to attack Joror 8 and shouted “I want to kill him!”! Jorur 8 said that this proves his point about the defendant. Leaders 2 and 6 change their voices. The jury is now evenly divided.

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