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3 Idiotsis an Indian Hindi language comedy drama of the coming age written by Chetan Bhagat and Abhijeet Joshi and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The film stars Aamir Khan, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Bowman Irani and Omi Vidya. The film follows the friendship of three students in an Indian engineering college and is a satire on the social pressures under an Indian education system. []] []] []] The film is told through parallel dramas, one in the past and the other in ten years.

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Under the banner of Vinod Chopra Films, Vadhu is produced by Vinod Chopra, and Chetan Bhagat’s novel Five Point is based on someone: What not to do in IIT! The author of which was not properly portrayed, [9] [10] [11] the film includes real Indian inventions created by Remia Jose, [12] Muhammad Idrees, [13] Jahangir Painter [14] and Sonam Vanchoch. Were done. [15] It received widespread critical and commercial success when released on December 25, 2009. It was also the highest grossing film of its opening weekend in India,

even the highest opening day collection for an Indian film. And it also holds the record for the highest net storage in a Bollywood movie in its first week. It was then one of the few Indian films to succeed in East Asian markets such as China [17] and Japan, [18] eventually grossing a total of 3. 3.92 billion (90 million) worldwide. Dollars) [a] [4]] [5] – It was the highest grossing Indian film of all time. [19] The film also had a social impact on education attitudes in India, [20] as well as education in Asian countries such as China. [7]

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The film won six Filmfare Awards, including Best Picture, and three National Film Awards, including Best Picture. Abroad, it won the Grand Prix at Japan’s Videodison Awards [21] [22] [18], while it was nominated for Japan Academy Awards [23] [24] and Best Foreign Film at the Beijing International Film Festival in China. ۔ [25] The film was remade in Tamil as Nanban (2012), which also received critical acclaim and commercial success. [26] [27] Nanban had a Telugu dubbed version entitled Snehithodo. A Mexican remake, 3 Fools, was also released in 2017 and an Israeli remake, 3 Idioms, will also be released in 2021. [28]

In 1999, Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi, students at Delhi’s prominent Imperial College of Engineering (ICE), struggled to compete in its diverse academic culture. Farhan enjoys wildlife photography but chose engineering to please his father, while Raju only needs a career that will save his family from poverty. However, his roommate, the eccentric Ranchods Shyamaldas Chanchad (aka “Rancho”), is genuinely interested in science and engineering. Rancho gives unconventional answers in class and often clashes with the school staff and its director Vero Sahastrobhadi (called “virus” by his students), as he believes that what students learn This should be enjoyed, while the school implements strict, test-based learning model.

Rancho reverses the effects of ICE’s highly competitive academic culture when a student named Joey Lobo commits suicide after failing to meet a project deadline and refusing to graduate due to a virus. Rancho battled the virus for undue pressure on ICE students to succeed, but his rebellious behavior at school has strained Farhan and Raju’s relationship with their own families.

Raju tries to distance himself from Rancho, but when Raju’s paralyzed father faces a medical emergency, Rancho saves his life with the help of Pia, the youngest daughter of the virus, who begins to fall in love with Rancho. At the end of the year, Rancho is shown to be number one in the school rankings despite his dislike of the education system, while Farhan and Raju are also behind him.

Years later, the group is approaching his graduation and Rancho is advancing his friends academically. One night, intoxicated, the trio entered the virus house for Rancho and confessed their feelings for the piano, while the other two urinated on the property. The virus stains them during their escape and gives an ultimatum to Raju:

Evict yourself, or find Rancho guilty and deport him. Anxious, Raju attempts suicide, but recovers with the help and care of his friends and family. With a new perspective on his life, Raju successfully applies for a job, while Farhan receives an apprenticeship offer from his favorite photographer and receives his father’s blessings.

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