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About 36 China town movie (reviews):

36 china town hindi movie is a 2006 Indian-Indian language comedy film directed by Abbas Mastin and produced by Subhash Ghai. []] It was a remake of the 1992 American film Up Up a Crime (again a remake of the 1960 Italian film Crime).

36 china town hindi movie movie stars including Akshay Khanna, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Vivek Shoq, Esha Kopikar, Open Patel (in her film), Paresh Rawal, Pail Rohatgi, Johnny Lever and Tanaz Karam (Chinese) were Tanaz Lal, while Priyanka Chopra and Tanushree Dutta made a special appearance. The 36 china town hindi movie video is based on an investigation by the police who are trying to find the killer of a rich player Sonia Chang. [4]

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storyline of 36 China town movie :

The only child of Goa China Urban Multinational Sonia Chang (Isha Koppikar) has been fired. To bring his son back, he released a reward of more than 25 million rupees. He lives in his big house called “36 china town movie download” which has a servant Mr. Lobo (denier retailer) and Mrs. Lobo (Roshan Trindas) in Goa. Sonia was comforted by Rocky (Open Patel), the eye of the village.

36 china town movie download’s story later focuses on Raj (Shahid Kapoor), a difficult actress, and Priya (Kareena Kapoor) running away from home. 36 china town movie download They both met when their two dreams shattered. They see a child who appears alone in Mumbai. They hurt her, but after seeing the missing people, they found out that the child was Sonia Chang’s son. After receiving the prize money, they got together and decided to take the child home to his mother in Goa. Before leaving, she called Chang and told him she had a baby. 36 china town movie download She was discussing a change of heart with her lawyer, Mr. Dixit (Vivek Vaswani), when the lawyer told her about her child. Meanwhile, Raj falls in love with Priya. But he was jealous of his presence.

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36 China Town (2006) Comedy, Mystery, Thriller | 2h 20min | 21 April 2006 (India) 5.6
Director: Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla, Mastan Alibhai BurmawallaWriters: Shyam Goel, Jitendra ParmarStars: Akshaye Khanna, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid KapoorSummary: Multi-millionaire Sonia Chang; owner of 36 China Town hotel and Hollywood Casino is found dead with the evidences pointing towards people from different walks of life who may have a motive to murder her. But there is a major draw-back involved in this case as the police does not have concrete evidence to incarcerate any of the suspects. Written by gavin ([email protected])


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