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Anand is a 1971 Indian Hindi language drama film written and directed by Harishkesh Mukherjee with interviews written by Gulzar. It has Rajesh Khanna as its leader and sponsors including Amitabh Bachchan, Sumita Sanyal, Ramesh Dev and Seema Dev. The film won several awards, including the 1972 Filmfare Best Picture Award. [3]

Anand movie (reviews):

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Anand was added to the list of 17 boxers who completed Rajesh Khanna’s race between 1969 and 1971, in addition to Multi-Star Mereda (1971) and Andaz (1971). The film was a super hit and was the third most profitable Indian film since 1971. It has since been critically acclaimed and hailed as one of the best films ever made. . Hindustan Times has shown it under “Must watch 25 movies before dying”. []] Anand is just one of two films starring Khanna and Bachchan together – the other is Namak Haram in 1973, which was also produced by Harishkesh Mukherjee. [5] [6] [7]

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Storyline of Anand movie:

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The healing physician Bhaskar treats the poor for free, but often mourns because he cannot cure all the diseases of the world. He became angry when he saw the trouble, pain and suffering around him. He was straightforward and did not want to suffer like a rich man. His friend, Dr. Kalkarni, took a slightly different path. It corrects the thinking of the rich and uses the money to treat the poor.

One day, Kalkarni tells Bhaskar Anand, who has lymphosarcoma in the intestine, which is a type of cancer. Anand is happy, and despite the fact that he will not live more than six months, he manages to maintain his passive behavior and always keeps everyone around him happy. He was happy and generous with Bhaskar’s life, which was comparable, and they became good friends. Anand has a strong consensus on attracting people and making friends with them. In one such session, he turned to his friend, actor Isa Bhai. They value all business people and build relationships.

Anand’s condition worsened, but he did not want to spend the rest of his day in a hospital bed. Instead, he attacks freely and helps everyone. Bhaskar seems to have a good feeling for Reno, who has been treated for pneumonia before. She helps Bhaskar to show his love and trust in Raines’ mother and bless her marriage. He tells Bhaskar that everyone should remember him as a living person, not like a cancer patient. Eventually he comes and he dies with his friends and everyone remembers him as a living and living person. Bhaskar is becoming more thoughtful and he continues to treat patients with more and more knowledge and maturity.

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