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Ayla: Girl of War (Turkish: Aila) is a 2017 Turkish animated film directed by Ken Alki. She was nominated for an English Film Entry for Best Supporting Actress at the 90th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.


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When North Korea occupied South Korea in 1950, Turkey sent a contingent of UN aid to South Korea. One of the soldiers involved in this deployment was Sergeant Suleiman. , Looking for a girl whose parents were killed during a fight.

A girl who is frozen near death is rescued by Solomon, who named her Ella because he saw her in the sun. The agreement was signed despite a consensus between the two, but Suleiman parted ways on his return. [5] [6]

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The feature film, adapted from a true story when the Korean War began in 1950, began in 2016. [Chinese]

It is based on the true story of Aila Kim Yoon Ja and Suleiman Dalbirli, which was reported by Mincho News Corporation Aila in 2010 by Choonchoon MBC. []] []] []] In the 2016 South Korean cast in 2016, child actor Kim Seoul, who first officially starred in the popular South Korean TV series Jin Jo in 1988, The young man was cast in the role of Aila. [8] Yoon Min played Ella’s younger sister. [9]

The film was sponsored by Turkish Airlines in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Most of the film was made in Turkey. [3] [5] Filming for Turkey was completed in June 2017. [9] Aila’s film premiered on September 11, 2017, at the decision of the Toronto International Film Festival.

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