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Badhaai Ho (Translation. Thank you for that; speaking in Hindi: [bədəaːi ɦoː]) is the 2018 version of the African-American Hindi language drama film starring Amit Ravinder Nath Sharma. She is playing the supporting role along with Gujraj Rao, Surika Sekri and Sania Malhotra in the role of Ayushman Khurana and Nina Gupta. The film tells the story of a middle-aged couple who became pregnant with the grief of their eldest son. []] [The] The film was produced by Vineet Jain, Sharma, Hemant Bhandari and Alia Sen under the banner of Wild Pictures and Chrome Pictures and was written by Shanto Srivastava and Akshat Ghildial. []] []] The play was inspired by the 1994 Malaysian film Pewitram. [7]

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Badhai Ho has received good reviews and is a successful company. With a turnover of over Rs 221 crore against a budget of Rs 29 crore, it proved to be the ninth most profitable hit in the Bollywood series. From the movie 2018. The film won four awards at the 64th Film Danger Awards, including Best Actress (Crime) for Gupta, Best Supporting Actress for Sekri and Supporters. Best for Rao [8] She also won two National Drama Awards: Best Supporting Actor, Best Film Award and Best Supporting Actress for Sekri. [9]

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Storyline of Badhaai Ho movie:

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Nak Koshkak (Ayushman Khurana) is a 25-year-old working man who has a close relationship with his partner Renee (Sania Malhotra). His mother Sangeeta (Sheeba Chadha) liked him and accepted a relationship. His father Jaitender Koshkak (Garaj Rao) was a middleman working in the railways. Her mother Prem Wada (Nina Gupta) was an ordinary housewife. Her younger brother Geller (Shardal Rana) is a high school student. His grandmother Durga (Surika Sekri) always quarreled with Primoda and became the boss of her son Jaito. One day he became depressed and copied the premise. Jaito reassured his wife and they knew each other well.

After 19 weeks, Prem Wada found out she was pregnant. Deportation of a child is considered a crime. Jaito announced her third pregnancy from Prem Wawda’s family. Both boys became embarrassed and began to avoid their parents, friends and community. The Dargah is still shocked and depressed.

The news spread and he was entertained by family, friends, family and community. Nicole starts to stop Renee. Jaito and Prem Wada asked Nicole and Geller to take them to Meerut for their cousin’s wedding. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. This drives Jaito crazy and he travels with Prem Wada and Dargah. Renee, meanwhile, has a room for the day to help Nicole. But she was unable to establish a relationship with him because it reminded her of a premodal pregnancy. Sangeeta was informed of the Premavada pregnancy by Renee. He was shocked and said negative things about Koshka’s family. Nicole heard about it and treated Sangeeta badly and broke up with Renee.

In Meerut and Muzaffarnagar, Jets’ older sister (Alka Amin) and sister (Alka Koshal) had a heated discussion with Prem Wada about late pregnancy. For the first time, Dargah Prem Wawda defended his lifestyle and informed him of his selfishness and the means to set an example.


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