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Bajrangi Bhaijan (translated by Baradar Bajrangi) is a 2015 Indian Hindi comedy comedy film starring Kabir Khan and written by Khan, KV Vijender Prasad and Pervez Sheikh. Produced by Salman Khan and Rock Line Venkatesh

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Along with his star Salman Khan and Harshali Malhotra, Nawaz-ud-Din Siddiqui and Kareena Kapoor Khan are also seen in supporting roles. Salman Khan played the role of Pawan Kumar Chortvedi, a devotee of the Hindu god Hanuman, who traveled to India to visit a 6-year-old Pakistani Muslim woman, separated from her parents in India, who returned to Pakistan from her husband.

With an investment of Rs 900 crore ($ 13 million), the main film was launched in November 2014. The film was produced by Asim Mishra and edited by Rameshwar S. Bhagat. Julius Pacquiao got the chance to score the movie when the songs of the movie were written by Pritam.

The film has received rave reviews from audiences and is a commercial success. It grossed Rs 69,699 crore ($ 150 million) worldwide, [3] [worth adding] and is now the third highest grossing film in India. Most Profitable Bollywood Movies

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He won the National Film Award for Best Picture at the 63rd National Film Awards, [4] and was nominated for four awards at the 61st Filmfare Awards, including the Film Festival. Won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, and Best Film Actor. He was also nominated for Best Picture at the China 2015 Dublin Film Awards. [5]

In Shahida, with his parents, at the age of 6, in Shahida, Amdstice Mountain in Sultanpur, a small town in Pakistan. After the incident where he could not call for help because he was a fool, his mother, Rasia, decided to take him to the shrine of the Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi, India. Hopefully he will repeat his words.

On the way home, the train stopped for repairs, and Shahida got off to save the lamb while her mother was asleep. The train left before Shahida regained control. Initially, he understood the freight and air of the train in Kirkshetra.

There he met Pawan Kumar Chatterjee, also known as Bajrangi. He was a Brahmin worshiper and admirer of King Hanuman. Pawan lives in the house of his father’s friend, Dayanand Pandey, where he meets Dayanand’s daughter, Rasika. He tried desperately to find out where Shahida lived. He started calling her “Manni” and took her home.

Dayanand kept him quiet and thought he should be a Brahmin. However, the family eventually realized that Mann was a Muslim. An angry Dayanand forced Pawan to be extradited to Pakistan through the Pakistan High Commission, but the offices were closed due to protests. The local travel agent promised to take Mani to Pakistan without a passport, but took her to the bride and angered Pawan. After rescuing him, he promised to take Mani home alone, even though he did not have a passport and a passport.

Pawan and Muthanna were able to enter Pakistan below the border. Pawan was arrested on suspicion of being an Indian spy. During the interrogation, he fled with Munni and met Chand Nawab, a journalist working for a Pakistani TV channel. Nawab followed the wind situation,

Thought he was in fact an Indian spy but discovered that the only victim was Pawan. As he moves on from his story, Nawab joins him in his quest to find Mani’s parents. He meets an Islamic scholar who helps him avoid arrest by the police, and the group later finds out about an area similar to his home in this photo.

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