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The film was shot in the Indian state of Dholakpur. The needles revolve around Bhim, who is sometimes called Chhota Bhim because of his 9-year-old son, who is brave, strong and smart. [2] Bhim’s rival is Kalia, who is jealous of Bhim’s reputation. Kalia was always ready to seduce and defeat her grandchildren, twin brothers Dholo and Bhulu Bhim, but never succeeded.

Most of the original stories are about the visit of Bhim and his friends Chatki, Raju and Jaggu who compete with Kalya and his friends Dholo and Bholo. As the series progressed, this information was brought to some extent, although

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Kalia still needed to prove herself better than Bhim. The many incidents that happen with each film focus on Bhim and his team to solve various problems affecting the city, not to mention ignorance, against Dholakpur or its inhabitants and their films. Against the evil that seeks violence. .

In the early days of Bhim, the news media Pogo insisted on keeping the myth simple and confidential, and the campaign was not easy to avoid at all costs because viewers were previously misunderstood, but now no There is no limit.

Time delays and Dholakpur are also allowed to be fluent and flexible, and this has made the characters more humane and childish. Supernatural events are often used in episodes, such as Dholakpur being attacked by karmada demons, demons or giants, Bhim and his friends are affected by dark magic and curses, and so on. Bhim and his team compete in various competitions in Dholakpur or in mixed countries. Theme, which is a celebration of Indian festivals.

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