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Bodyguard is a 2011 Indian Hindi language action comedy-romantic drama film written and directed by Siddique. []] This is a remake of the 2010 film of the same name starring the director Dilip and Niantar. The film was produced by Atal Agnihotri and Alvira Khan Agnihotri. It stars Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor in the lead roles, with Aditya Panjoli in a special role and Karisma Kapoor in a voice. []] Raj Bieber, Mahesh Manjrekar and Hazel Ketch have also played supporting roles. The first movie and theatrical trailer was released on July 21, 2011. Bodyguard was released in 3250 theaters worldwide.

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The film broke many records after its release. On the very first day of release, he became the highest earner of the day as well as the highest earner ever for a single day. The film set another box office record, grossing پہلے 1.03 billion (14 million) in its first week, making it Bollywood’s highest-grossing opening week ever. In total, .2 34.234 billion (33 33 million). [Citation needed]

Loli Singh (Salman Khan) has been assigned as the bodyguard of Devta (Kareena Kapoor) to protect her father from the insolent ones who were taking revenge against a kind and successful politician who killed his mother. Were responsible for saving. Loli is extremely devoted to her duties. But following her everywhere provokes the goddess. Divya and her friend Maya (Hazel Ketch) call Loli. With Divya, a girl is falling in love with Loli under the pretext of Chia, hoping that because of this she will fire him from her job.

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Surprisingly, at first, she slowly falls in love with the mysterious shadow and waits for her call, but she doesn’t realize that she is really a goddess. Meanwhile, on several occasions, Loli Renona saved Donna from the attacks of Mahatra and her thugs. Soon, Divya also falls in love with Loli but is afraid to reveal her identity due to her responsibility and Loli’s immense devotion and loyalty to her father.

Divya, like Shadow, later asks Loli to walk with her and meet her at the train station. Her father, Sartaj, began to suspect that Loli and Devi were in love and could escape, so he sent his men to kill Loli. Divya convinces her father that Loli’s lover is someone else who is waiting for her at the railway station. Realizing that if Lolita doesn’t fulfill her dream, she may be heartbroken, the goddess sends Maya to Lolita to reveal her true identity.

However, when Loli sees Maya running towards her, she is convinced that she has been touched. Maya tries to tell him that the goddess is a shadow, but sees a man from Sartaj in the box and waits for Loli’s answer. She tells Loli that she is touching and hugging Loli. Meanwhile, Divya called Maya but Maya got on the train with Loli and threw her phone instead of going to her friend.

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