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Chhichhore (Translation – No Works) is a 2019 Indian Hindi language comedy film, an old comedy drama directed by Nitish Tiwari, co-written by Tiwari in collaboration with Piyush Gupta and Nikhal Mehrotra, and starring Nadidwala at Starson Entertainment. Produced by Sajid Nadidwala, which included Foxy. Distributed Rights Studios Med Sushant Singh Rajput, Shardha Kapoor Varun Sharma, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Naveen Politics,

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Starring Toshar Pandey and Sehrish Kumar Shukla in supporting roles with Sanand Verma and Mohammad Samad, the film tells the story of Anirudha “In Ni Yi” Pathak, whose son Ragh tried to commit suicide but survived. He criticized her opposition. Survive the fear of being called a “loser.” Disappointed, he goes against the wishes of his ex-girlfriend and gives his ex-wife Maya the idea of ​​repeating himself as a “loser” in a group of six. ; As he continued to explain to Ragh, five other people got the news of the incident and decided to join his friend in his illness so that they could complete a story they had never told. In their lives

Principal Photography was launched in September 2018. [5] Chachhor was released on September 6, 2019, which was highly praised for its guidance, performances, and community discussions. Describes energy, and life in the hostel life of Indian colleges. It became a complete business. []] The film grossed بل 2.15 billion (30 30 million) worldwide and was screened at the 65th Filmfare Awards. Best feature film, best director. , The best story, the best interview and the best conversation.

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Anirudh “Anni” Pathak (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a divorced middleman living with his young son Ragh (Mohammad Samad), a professional engineer still awaiting the benefits of his access in the hope of enrolling in an Indian institute. doing. The night before the technology inspection, he offered Ragha a bottle of champagne and promised to celebrate it together, unaware that Ragha was in pain. A bottle of champagne uses ragweed oil only to worry about what it will do if it doesn’t.

The next day, when Raghu checked the situation in his friend’s room, he found out that he did not qualify for IIT in JEE – the results were good, and for fear of being called a “loser”, he deliberately Leave a pulpit, commit suicide but stay alive, even in a state of death. Annie runs the hospital, where he tries to relieve his ex-wife and Raghu’s mother Maya (Shridha Kapoor). He scolded Annie for not seeing how much Raghu was suffering. Dr. Suneet Dev Kasbaker (Shishir Sharma) warns Maya and her war that Ragha’s condition is not so good because Ragha does not want to live. When Annie stumbled upon pictures of her university and saw her frightened son being sent as a “loser”, she began telling the story of her time in college to inspire hope in Ragh. I wanted to believe in my father. Once “necklace”

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