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Cinema Paradiso (Italian: Novo Cinema Paradiso, Italian publication: [Anguso ˈtʃiːnema paraˈdiːzo], “Paradise New Cinema”) is an Italian film written in 1988 and directed by Giuseppe Tornator. The plot of the movie Paradiso is based on the story of the Protea family, which has been cinema in Mantova, Italy since 1904. Cristaldi and Giovanna Romagoli, while the music was composed by Enio Morecron with his son, Andrea. He won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Speaker at the 62nd Academy Awards. [4]

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Cinema Paradiso Hindi is the best movie that you see in the movie industry if you want to watch Cinema Paradiso Hindi free then you come at the best place. You can easily understand the story of this movie.

In 1988, actor Salvatore de Vita returned home from Rome late one night when his sleeping girlfriend told him that his mother had called to report a man named Alfredo’s death. Salvatore’s relationship was clear and he had not lived in his home in Giancaldo, Sicily for thirty years. When his girlfriend asks him who Alfredo is, Salvatore goes back to his childhood.

A few years after World War II, the eight-year-old Salatover widow had a poor, smart son. Due to his full name, he became interested in film and spent all his time at the Paradise Home Theater. Although he initially started on strict terms, he befriended the average projectionist, Alfredo, who often allowed him to watch movies from the cabin. During the show, people can hear the bow when something disappears, causing the movie to bounce, a romantic kiss or a hug. The local pastor decided that the section had been censored and that the removed image had been stacked on the projection room floor.

Alfredo eventually taught Salutor how to teach film. Cinema Paradiso was fired after Alfredo showed Veggie firefighters on the walls of a nearby building hours later. Salutor saved Alfredo’s life, but before he could do so, Alfredo’s face was covered with a nitrate coil, which permanently blinded him. The film was made by a local citizen, Sassio, who honed his football skills. As a child, Salvatore hired a new mechanic because he was the only one who knew how to operate a machine.

About ten years later, Salvatore, now in high school, is still working on the projector for the “Novo Cinema Paradiso.” His relationship with the blind Alfredo is strained, and Salatovar often looks to him for help – a suggestion that Alfredo often engages in video releases. Salutover experimented with the film, used the camera to take pictures of the house, and he met her and took Elena, the daughter of a wealthy banker, into the film. Slater’s choice – and victory – is Elena’s heart, just to lose it because her father doesn’t agree.

When Elena and her family left, Salvatore left the city for military service. He tries to write to Elena when she is alone. The letters returned as non-refundable when he returned from the army. Is small Furthermore, the old man says that when he goes to Salvatore, he should follow his heart all his life, never look back and never come back, not even on trips. He should not stop dreaming or writing or thinking about it. He screamed, and Salvatore left town in search of his future as a filmmaker.


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