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City of God (Portuguese: Cidade de Deus) is a 2002 Brazilian crime film sponsored by Fernando Mariels and Cotia Lund in their home country in 2002 and worldwide in 2003.


The name is written by Palo Lance, but the plot is based on real events. It depicts the rise of organized crime in the village of Sade Davis on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro during the late 1960s and early 1980s. Has happened The war is shown. Unusual knockout required. The tagline is “If you run, the animal will catch you; if you stay, the beasts will eat you.” It is listed as one of the best movies ever.

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The cast includes Alexandre Rodriguez, Leander Rowe and Freemano da Hora, Philip Hagenson, Douglas Silva, Ellis Berga, and Seo George. In fact, most of the actors were residents of Fuel, such as Weddell and Seid de Davis.

The film was critically acclaimed and was nominated for four Academy Awards in 2004: Best Cinematography (Caesar Charlene), Best Director (Mayors), Best Film Editing (Daniel Regande), and Best Writing (Adapted Screen). ۔ Play (Mantwani). In 2003, it was Brazil’s entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, but it did not end with the nomination of one of the five finalists.

Meyers and Lund produced the City of Man TV series and the film City of Men (2007), which featured some actors (especially Douglas Silva and Darlene Kona) and their hometown, City of Gaddy.

The film was started by an armed group in Medesa Race after a hen in a fold called David Davis (“City of God”). The hen stopped between the group and the narrator, a young man nicknamed the Rocket (“Biscopy”).

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The film shines in the 1960s, where Favilla is shown a newly built residential project with some resources. The three poor, amateur thieves are known as the “tender trio”. Shigi (“Caballera”), Clipper (“Aliquat”), and Rocket’s older brother Goose (“Mariko”) – rob business owners and steal money. A little boy, Lil Dice (Dadinho), persuades them to keep a motel and rob the people there. Will do

The group has vowed not to kill anyone and has asked Lee Dice to act as a watchman. Instead, after falsely warning the three men to come, Lill Dice opened fire on the occupants of the motel. The massacre was brought to the attention of the police, all three were forced to separate: Clipper joined the church, Chad was shot by police as he tried to escape from Favilla, and Goose was charged with extortion. He was later killed. Dice shot when he took. Dice’s friend Benny (Benny), Shaggy’s brother, watches.

In the 1970s, this favela was transformed into an urban forest. Rocket has joined a group of young hippies. He enjoys photography and loves a girl, Anglica, but his attempt to get close to him is thwarted by a gang of petty criminals called the “Runs.” Lee Dice, who now calls himself “Lil Z” (“Z Pecino”), has formed a drug kingdom with Benny, except for Carrot, who is Benny’s best friend.

Lil Zee took charge of the apartment, a well-known drug distribution center, and forced Blake (“Neginho”), Karki’s manager, to work instead. Coincidentally, during the raid on the Rocket apartment, Blake visited the apartment to take medicine from Anglica. Through the statement, Rocket momentarily considers an attempt to kill Lil Z to avenge his brother, but decides against it. Benny tells Lil that Rocket is Goose’s brother.

Shortly afterwards, during Lil Zi’s reign, God’s city was relatively peaceful, escaping police attention. Benny decides to break up with the drug lords and befriends his ex-boyfriend, Tego, who introduces him to his (and Rocket’s) group of friends. Benny and Angelica start dating. Together they decide to leave the city and the drug business.

During Benny’s farewell party, Z and Benny had an argument. The cat accidentally killed Benny while trying to shoot Lal Zee. Benny’s death has not been investigated. Carrot kills Blake for risking his life. Lil Zhao and a group of his soldiers started going to the carrot field to kill him.

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