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Ek Tha Tiger (translated as ‘Tiger’) is a 2012 thriller film in Indian Hindi, directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra. It was Tiger’s first film and starred Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif alongside Ranveer Shorey, Geresh Karnad, Roshan Seth and Gavi Chahal. [4]

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The film follows Indian-American spy Tiger (Salman Khan), who tries to retrieve the data before coming to Pakistan, but is ignored after being out of a Pakistani agent for working hours.

One was the third collaboration between Tiger Kabir Khan and Yash Raj Films, after which he directed Kabul Express and New York. The production of the film has been extensive. The script was written by several writers and production was delayed for several years before its launch in 2011. [5] One was that Tiger began filming in India, Turkey, Ireland and Cuba, among many other locations, and began preparations for June 2012. Released worldwide on August 15, 2012. [6]

The film received mixed reviews for its performance, music and singing acclaim, while its contrasting voice was criticized. He made a lot of box files during his performances. [7] With more than 320 of DK in international revenue,

It became the most profitable Indian film in 2012 and is the 25th most profitable Indian film to date, which is not worth the price. He also set the highest opening record with a base of Rs 33.5 crore, a record that lasted for three years. [8] The film won six nominations and won five.

Released on December 22, 2017 as Tiger is Alive. [9]
Representative by the name of “Tiger” (Salman Khan). A top Indian spy and an officer of research and security research has returned to northern Iraq. The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has ordered the killing of a man who was handed over to Pakistan. He later killed several ISI agents on his way out of Iraq, returned to India and alerted his leader, Shinai (Geresh Karnad) in New Delhi.

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Tiger was later sent to Dublin to interrogate an Indian historian, Professor Anwar Kadwai (Roshan Seth), who teaches at Trinity College and thought about sharing his findings on the protection of his cabinet. ۔ The partner represents Tiger as well as Ra Gopi (Ranveer Shawri) in this program.

Tiger meets Kadwai but doesn’t have enough time to guide him and instead starts spending time with scientist Zoya (Katrina Kaif), who is studying at a dance school in the city. He tries to befriend Zoya to load the file, but it seems to get closer. Tiger attacked and looted his house, immediately. Just thinking that he has been seen by an ISI agent.

Despite several warnings from Gopi not to allow personal thoughts to go into the preaching work, Tiger joined Zoya. Tiger asks Zoya for several days and there the two are aware of their feelings about each other. However, when Tiger meets a dance student, Zoya finds an ISI agent and plays the same role as Tiger. He denies the crime, but instead of killing Zoya, Tiger lets her go.

Shortly afterwards, Tiger and Zoya met again at the UN relief mission in Istanbul. They later decided to flee to Havana together, but told their organizations they were going to Kazakhstan to catch each other. Some time later, his organization, Zoya and Tiger, found out after the robbery was registered,

And ISI agents arrested Zoya. Tiger then meets Gopi and tells him that he has insulted Zoya, returns to India and joins RAW, but wants Gopi to save Zoya from ISI agents. The couple betrayed Gopi and escaped from the secret plane.

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