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Grave of the Fireflies (Japanese: 垂 垂 る の の, Hepburn: Hotaro no Haka) is a 1988 Japanese war film [4] [5] based on the 1967 semi-autobiographical autobiography of the same name, Ikuki Nusaka. Is. Written and directed by Iso Takahata, he moved from Studio Ghabli to the story of Shinchusha Publishing. ). []] The film stars Sonto Somosmi [yes], Iano Shirashi [yes], Yoshihiko Shinohara [yes] and Akimi Yamaguchi. The city of Kobe in Japan, two brothers in the film, the story of CET and sytsuku, and the Second World War has been described in the last months of his great spirit of survival.

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Shortly after the end of September 21, 1945, 2. World War I: A young man, Sita, dies of starvation at the Kobe train station. The guard has his belongings and finds a candy, which he throws into the field. The last rites are tiny little bones that come out, and Sita’s sister, Setsuko’s soul, comes out of the ton and meets Sita’s soul and the fiery clouds. They run trains.

A few months ago, the house was damaged in a fire along with most of Sita and Setsuko Kobe. He survived unharmed, but his mother died of burns. Sita and Setsuko walk through the front door with a man who persuades Sita to sell his mother a kimono to eat. Seita picks up the items buried before the bombing and gives them to her aunt and saves for Sakoma drops. When the distribution is decreasing and the number of refugees in the home is increasing, the aunts may get angry with the children and say that they are not doing anything to serve the food provided.

Sita and Setsuko left their aunt’s house and went to a deserted land. They send flames of light into homes. The next day, Setsuko was shocked to learn that the bay was dead. He buried her in the grave and asked why she and her mother had died. When they get out of grain, Sita is stolen if it is stolen from farmers and when moving house, which had beaten her. When Setsuko went downstairs, Sita took him to the doctor, who told him he was on a bad diet.

Wanting to do so, Sita withdrew all her mother’s money from the bank. When he left the bank, he was devastated when he was told that Japan had accepted. He also learned that his father, the Imperial, was a captain in the Japanese navy, and that he was expected to die when most of them fell behind the Japanese army.

Sita returns home with food, but finds Setsuko motionless. Sita rushes to feed him, but he dies while cooking. Ceita exhumed Setsuko’s body and her doll is in the coffin. She carries ashes with her father’s personality in this kind of sugarcane.

The dead souls of Sita and Setsuko arrived at the reception place healthy and happy. Around the rocket, they rested on a bench overlooking Kobe.

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