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Hamilton is a 2020 American music film based on scenes recorded at Broadway Music in 2015, which was re-inspired by Ron Cherno in 2004 by biographer Alexander Hamilton. It is directed and produced by Thomas Kell and designed, written and produced by Lynn Manuel Miranda. Miranda also plays as a treasurer and is looking for her first music director on Broadway, along with her father, Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton originally planned to release the film on October 15, 2021, but in response to the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, the film was digitally announced to viewers. July 3, 2020 at Disney + Worldwide. The film received critical reviews for its graphics, dramas and dramas.

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The film was co-produced in 2016 with performances at the Hamilton Theater at the Richard Rogers Theater in Midtown Manhattan. Some “light shots” were recorded without a record. [5] These shots include almost. 13 or 14 musical figures taken with Stadecam, Crane and Dolly. [6] The film, which was released by radical media, was originally released in the United States in the 2016 documentary Hamilton. [7] Filming involves a minute request. [8]

The film features mostly original Broadway expansions featuring co-stars Betsy Strickson and Amy Rover Lampman, which were released in March and April 2016, respectively – covering their lines. Hope for Easterbrook and Elizabeth Judd. [9] [10] Jonathan Grove, who left King George III in April to be replaced by Rory O’Malley, returned to production to resume his role in the series. The film also has this role, the sound of the advertisement before the announcement of the film, which welcomes the audience to the show. [11]

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David Degas as Marcos de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson
Renee Ellis Goldsberry as Angelica Schweiler
Jonathan Grove as King George III
Christopher Jackson as George Washington
Jasmine Sapphire Jones as Peggy Schweiler and Maria Reynolds
Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton
Leslie Odom Jr. as Aaron Burr
Ocarita Onaudvan as Hercules Milligan and James Madison
Anthony Ramos as John Lawrence and Philip Hamilton
Philippa Soo as Eliza Hamilton
Sydney James Harcourt as Philip Schweiler, James Reynolds, doctor and team
Thelan Jasperson as Samuel Sebori and Editor
June Rasa as Charles Lee and dress together
Ephraim fits together with Sykes and George Acker
Carlyle Butteol, Ariana de Bose, Hope Easterbrook, Sasha Hutchings, Elizabeth Judd, Austin Smith and Seth Stewart also appeared as co-members.
On February 3, 2020, it was announced that Walt Disney Studios had received a تقسیم 75 million global distribution for the film. [12] Disney has successfully completed several tournaments, including Warner Bruce. 20th Century Fox (later acquired by Disney) and Netflix have all expressed interest in film rights. [13] Conspiracy was one of the most expensive ways to buy commercials, [14] Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Pictures, discussed and commented. Disney CEO Bob Eger launched the movement after reaching out to producers with a personal preference for film rights. [15] [16] The film was produced by Miranda, Jeffrey Sales and Kyle. [5]

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