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We are who you are ..! (Translation. Who am I to you?) Also known from the beginning with HAHK, []] was a Hindi Hindi language romantic drama film from [Hindi4 from] []] written and directed by Suraj Barjatya Kari and it was produced by Rajshree Productions.
Young actresses Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan celebrate the Indian wedding culture by listening to the story of marriage and family ties. The story of sacrificing love for a family. This is an adaptation of Nadia Ke Par (1982) in cinema, based on a new Hindi story by Kishwa Prasad Mishra in Kohbar Short. [8

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Make 2 Billion Worldwide, [3] [4] [5] Who We Are ..! Became the most lucrative film in Indian culture. It has helped transform the Indian film industry with new ways of distributing new stories and turning to short stories. This is India’s first opportunity with a turnover of over Rs 1 billion.

And adjusting for inflation, it was the most lucrative Indian film of the 1990s and also one of the most lucrative Bollywood films. The Indian office has called it “the largest of all modern courts.” [9] The film was also written in Telugu and the original title was also included in Primalayam. [10] The anthem of 14 songs, very disturbing, is also a popular song in the history of Bollywood, in which popular singer Lata Mangeshkar has sung 11 out of 14 songs in the song.

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We are who you are ..! Won five Filmfare Awards, including Best Actress, Best Director and Best Actress, as well as National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. It has had a lasting impact on cultural festivals in India, often featuring film songs and plays.

Brothers Prem and Rajesh lost their parents in childhood. He lives with his uncle Kailash Nath. Rajesh runs the family business and his family takes good care of the bride.
One day, a few years later, Kailash met his college friend Siddharth Chaudhary, who is now a teacher. Siddhartha and his wife Madhukala had two daughters named Pooja and Nisha. Siddharth and Kailash planned a wedding between Rajesh and Pooja. From their first meeting, Nisha and Prem started arguing with each other, and the fun and excitement continued at Pooja and Rajesh’s weddings.

Premish has a relationship with Rajesh’s warm-hearted sister, Queen Nisha. Some time ago, Pooja and Rajesh found out about their love affair and it was announced that Pooja had a baby. Siddhartha and Madhukala could not come to Kailash’s house to celebrate the arrival of the baby. They send the sign to change, which is now in birth.
At the same time, Nisha and Prem fall in love, but keep this secret a secret. Siddhartha and Madhukala came to Kailash’s house to celebrate their grandchildren. When it became a part, their owners left, especially Prem. He and Nisha had promised to return soon.

Pooja has been invited to stay at her parents’ house, and Prem has taken her there. When they arrived, Pooja found out that Prem and Nisha were in love. He defeated Nisha as a symbol and promised to marry her. Shortly afterwards, Pooja made a foolish mistake, fell down the stairs and eventually died of a headache. Everyone was crushed by the evidence.

Nisha takes good care of Pooja and Rajesh’s son. So Siddhartha and Kailash think that Nisha will be a good mother to the child. He decides to marry Nisha to Rajesh. Nisha heard about her marriage from Siddharth and Madhukala Kailash family and thought that they were talking to Prem about her marriage, which they accepted. Later, during the pre-interview period, it was revealed that he was actually going to marry Rajesh.

Prem and Nisha promise to sacrifice their love for Rajesh and son. Shortly before the wedding, Nisha Prem’s dog asks Tuffy to give him the necklace that Pooja gave him with the letter. Tuffy left Nisha’s room and instead brought the paper to Prem and sent it to Rajesh. Rajesh read the letter and found out that Prem and Nisha are in love. Then her marriage ended and she got married to Nisha and Prem. When it freezes

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Who Am I to You? (1994) Comedy, Drama, Musical | 206min | 5 August 1994 (India) 7.5
Director: Sooraj R. BarjatyaWriter: Sooraj R. BarjatyaStars: Madhuri Dixit, Salman Khan, Mohnish BahlSummary: Prem, a top student, is learning the ropes of business under his elder brother Rajesh and his uncle Kailashnath, a big industrialist. In another town, Nisha is studying computer science and is the darling of her elder sister, Pooja, and her parents, Professor Choudhry and Kamladevi. Fate brings the two families together and this results in the the betrothal of Rajesh and Pooja. At the wedding, Prem meets Nisha and falls in love with this carefree woman. With Pooja as the woman of the house, joy knows no bounds in Prem's family. Months pass by and Pooja becomes pregnant. Nisha is invited to come and stay with her sister and attend the traditional function before the child's birth. Nisha's arrival is like a dream come true for Prem. Nisha stays there until the birth of the child, taking over the household chores, and becoming very much a part of the family. In soft whispers, Prem and Nisha commit their love for each other and secretly dream of spending a lifetime together. Then fate ... Written by Sujit R. Varma


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