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Animation is a 2010 feature film written and directed by Christopher Nolan, who also starred in the film with his wife, Emma Thomas. Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio is a thief

Who infiltrates his target unconscious and steals information. Unconsciously, he was given the opportunity to delete his criminal history as a payment for transplanting someone else’s ideas. The cast includes Ken Watanab, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Marion Cotlard, Alan Page, Tom Hardy, Dilip Rao, Celine Murphy, Tom Baringer and Michael Kane.

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Following the completion of Indra in 2002, Nolan introduced Warner Bruce. The 80-page horror film became a dream come true. []] When he decided that more knowledge was needed to develop products of this size and complexity, Nolan left the job and joined the 2005 Batman B-Start, the 2006 Dignity, and the Dark Knight. Gone in 2008. []]

The renovation took six months to complete and was purchased by Warner in February 2009. [10] The show began in six countries, began on June 19 in Tokyo and ended in Canada in October. January 22 [11] Its total investment is 160 160 million, separate from Warner Bros. And legendary. [12] Nolan’s fame and success with Doll Knight saved the film ڈالر 10 million in promotions.

The premiere premiered on July 8, 2010 in London. It was released on July 16, 2010 on both the show and IMAX Cast. [13] [14] The start grossed over $ 828 million worldwide and became the fourth largest in the series. Best Supported Actress of 2010 Considered one of the best films of 2010, [15] initially received critical acclaim for his performance.

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Direction, content, sequels, visual aids, music score, and cast. He won four Talent Awards (Best Picture, Best Soundtrack, Best Soundtrack and Best Picture) and was nominated for four more awards: Best Picture. , Best Picture, Best Picture and Best Quality.

Dominic “Dom” Cobb and Arthur are “temporary”: spies use military technology to disrupt their ‘unconscious’ targets and extract information through the ordinary world of dreams.

His ultimate goal, Seto, reveals that he has set his goal to test Kobe for a seemingly impossible task: to think of an unconscious person or a “beginner.” Seto wants to persuade Cob Moros Fisher, Seto’s rival son Robert, to dissolve his father’s company. On the way back, Seto promises to break Cobbs’ criminal record, which prevents him from returning home with his children.

Cobb acknowledges and joins his team: Ames, a self-made nickname; Joseph is a dreamer who has medicine for the concept of “dream in a dream”. And Aridne, an architecture student who worked on the design of the Dream Farm, founded by Kobe’s father, Professor Stephen Mails. Ardeny finds out that Cobb’s subconscious has released his deceased wife,

Purpose After the death of Maris, Robert flew for ten hours in which the team, including Seto, fell into a shared dream. During each dream level, the creator of the dreams is behind the creation of “football”, to learn about other teams through deep dreams. Participate through play These kicks should be at the same time, although the time for each next level is faster.

The first stage is Yusuf’s dream of rain in Los Angeles. The team abducted Robert, but his captives attacked him under speculation. Seto is injured, and Kobe points out that when dying in a dream often annoys the dreamer, the stability of the multifaceted dream will send them “long”: the world. Infinite, where dreams are forgotten, they are in dreams. Ayams betrayed Robert’s new husband, Peter Browning, indicating that Robert had reconsidered his father’s wishes. The coach told Ardeny that he got more money while trying to dream of sharing technology.

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