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Based on a short story and best-selling book published by Philip Van Dorn Stern, His Life is a successful 1946 American Christmas film featuring productions of Christmas and Frank Capra. Released in 1943.


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The film stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who gave up his dream of helping others and almost committed suicide over Christmas to gain the impression of his personality. Angel’s guardian, Clarence Odby (Henry Travers) Clarence told George how he, George, touched the lives of others, and if he had not been born, he would have died in Bedford Falls with his wife Mary and his community. How life would be different. [4]

Although initially Best of Life received mixed reviews and the box office was incomplete, it became a Christmas film after it was released to the government, which allowed it to be published without a license or at a reasonable price.

In terms of theater, the film’s gross was about $ 6.3 million. Cost of production, double cost, it did not come close to completion of the original release. Because of the film’s embarrassment, Capra was seen by some studios as losing his ability to produce popular, well-funded films. [6]

One Bad Life is considered one of the best movies ever made. It has been nominated for five Oscars, including Best Picture, and has been recognized by the American Film Institute as one of the 100 Best American Film Awards. []] It was ranked No. 11 for Best Picture at the American Film Institute, No. 20 on the 2007 Best Picture list, and number one on the Best American Film list to date. Capra reveals that she loves most of the movies she shows and watches them every Christmas for her family. [9]

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George Bailey, 38, committed suicide in Bedford Falls, New York, on Christmas Eve 1945. The prayers of her family and friends reached heaven, where Angel’s roommate Matt Clarence Odby stood up to save George from earning his living. Clarence recounted George’s life. She tries to save her brother, Harry, from drowning in the eyes of 12-year-old George. Keeps an eye, but is deaf in the left ear. Later, George defended a pharmacy in the city, Mr. Children, against poisoning

In 1928, George planned a world trip before college and was sent back to Mary Hatch, who had always had an accident. Sexy is a trend now. When his father suffered a stroke and died, George postponed his trip outside of the family business, Bailey Buildings and lending, to Henry F. Potter, a member of the Wild Board. Who manages most of the city’s business, wants integration. Other members of the party voted to keep the house open and borrow money if George guided them. George allowed and worked with his uncle Billy, and taught Harry with the understanding that Harry would run the company when he was educated.

Harry married from college and came back from his father with an amazing career who is a royal parent. George retired, but did not stand in Harry’s way and continued to lead the house and library. As soon as they got married, George and Mary ran to the beach and spent their ڈالر 2,000 on honeymoon to keep the house and mortgage heavy.

Under George’s leadership, the company eventually established Bailey Park, a state-of-the-art facility to counter Potter’s project. Potter offered George ڈالر 20,000 a year as his assistant, but when he learned that Potter’s real intention was to close the house and library, George rebuked and rebuked him.

During World War II, George could not qualify because of his deafness. Harry became a Navy pilot and received the Medal of Honor for shooting down a Comic Con aircraft to provoke an Army transport convoy. On Christmas Eve 1945, when the city planned to welcome Harry to the hero, Billy went to the bank to pay up to 8 8,000 and borrow money. The cat accused Potter of a newspaper article about Harry, but the suspect took the wallet for the Potter newspaper and gave it to Potter. P.

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