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Judwaa 2 (re-translation of the 1997 film Judwaa resumed, starring Varun Dhawan as the Twin King and Prem [4] Beck Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsi Pinnu. Announced September 29, 2017. [9]

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On the return flight to Mumbai, Rajiv Malhotra met prisoner Charles. Malhotra rushed to the hospital where his wife had given birth to two sons. The doctor explained that when the twins were close to each other, their minds began to work again.

Malhotra had police at the hospital to arrest Charles. Screaming, Charles stole one of the twins and threw him off the train. Charles was arrested for twenty years. Police told Malhotra to go to India with his wife and boyfriend, so he went to London, England. The other twins were spotted by a woman named Kashi Bai who raised him like her own son in Mumbai and called him Raja.

Twenty years later, Charles was almost released from prison. Prem has become a kind and compassionate young man with a passion for music. On his first day in college, Rocky bullied and harassed him and he was noticed by Sameera. Samira likes Prem’s music and asks him to come home and share his songs.

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At the same time, Raja Ganpati became a fun and brave young man in Bapa, who grew up in the slums with his friend Nandu. One day, he had an argument with Alex, a local leader in Ganesh Chaturthi’s party. The Raja was warned to take Nandu away and he had to leave India for a few days as Alex’s thugs would follow him. Raja and Nandu arrive in London unfairly and meet Aleshika on a flight. Raja started dating Elishka and Prem started dating Sameera.

Now that Raja and Prem are both in London and close to each other, their reflection starts working and this creates tension for both of them and their girlfriend. One of them disagreed with the other people in the city.

One day, after Raja and Nandu save Malhotra from an accident, they find Alex and his uncle and discover that Alex has lost his memory after the incident. Raja and Prem finally met. They deny that they are twins and think they have only one face.

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