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Kabir Singh is a 2019 Indian Hindi language sex movie written and directed by Sandeep Wanga. This is a remake of his own Telugu film Arjun Reddy (2017). Co-produced by Sen One Studios and T-Series, the film stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. Kapoor performed Doctor Kabir Rajdheer Singh, an angry surgeon suffering from anxiety disorders, who killed himself when his girlfriend, Preeti, married someone else.

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Central filming began in October and ended in March 2019. The film was released in India on June 21, 2019 and received numerous reviews, including criticism, citing him for his confession, although Kapoor’s work has been praised. It grossed over £ 379 crore and became the second highest grossing Bollywood in 2019. [4]

Kabir Rajdhir Singh is a Home Surgeon at the Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences. Despite being an excellent student, he had difficulty managing his anger, which angered the university director. While still in college, Kabir’s violence tarnished his reputation among his children.

After an argument with other college classmates who made fun of him during a college football game, the manager asked Kabir to apologize or leave the house. When College Kabir first saw medical student Preeti Sakka embarrassingly, she started opting out, but changed her mind.

Kabir and his friends walked into a third-year medical student’s classroom announcing that Kabir had confessed to Priti and warned them that it was just for him. Although initially embarrassing, Preity also began to embrace Kabir’s feelings. Eventually he emphasizes his ideas and they have a passion, a relationship.

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Kabir earned an MBBS degree and traveled to Missouri to graduate with a degree in orthopedic surgery. For the next three years, Kabir and Priti had a long and strong relationship. After Priti was educated, Kabir went to his parents’ house to meet his Sikh protectors, but his father Harpal caught him kissing him. Angered, he hit and threw Kabir out of the house.

Harpal opposes the relationship between Priti and Kabir, though Kabir has reiterated that he loves Priti and wants to marry her. Angry and hurt, Kabir wants Priti to choose between himself and his family within six hours, otherwise he will end their relationship. Heartbroken, he told her not to despair, to be angry with him and to cry.

When he reached Kabir’s house to talk to him, he became angry with himself thinking that he did not want him, got drunk and injected morphine. He still can’t remember two days and has lost his brother Kiran’s wedding. At that time, Priti’s family forced her to get married. When Kabir hears this, he angrily breaks up the marriage venue and calls on Priti to travel with him. In one incident, her father beat her and arrested her. Kabir’s father Rajdir took him away from the family and took him on his face and tarnished his reputation

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