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About Kanchana 3 movie (reviews):

kanchana 3 download (marketed as Mini 4: kanchana 3 download: Ganga 2) is a 2019 Indian superhero action-comedy thriller co-produced, written and directed by Raghwa Lawrence. Film star Raghava Lawrence is in a double role
Oviya, Vedika, Nikki Tamboli and Rev. Alexandra. While Koi Sarala, Sorori, Tarun Arora and Kabir Dhawan Singh are playing supporting roles. Produced by Sun Pictures, the fourth installment of the mini-cinematic universe and the third installment of the Kanchana series, the film began production in October 2018 and was released for review on April 19, 2019. Mixed. Later, the film was renamed K3: Kaali Ka Karishma in Hindi. [3]

Frightened by the past, Raghava and his happy family, which included his mother, brother, sister and daughter, went to Coimbatore for family work, and there, the whole family, including Raghava’s daughter-in-law Priya, Kaviya and Deviya, Had seen strange and dangerous events with his grandparents and Raghava. The next episode goes back to another character named Kali.

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storyline of Kanchana 3 movie :

Kali is a social worker who writes Ashram, which provides housing and gives to the poor. It has also provided research funding for disadvantaged youth. One day, another politician, Shankar’s brother, a politician named Bhavani, went to the ashes of Kali. kanchana 3 full movie download He asked to keep Rs 100 crore in his ashes which was black money and looted Rs 80 crore and kept Rs 200 crore as an important source of income for his ashram.
When kanchana 3 full movie download denies Kali, it sends its people to fight against injustice for black, which angers Kali. Then he went out to fight Bhavani’s mind and finally with him. When Bhavani is killed, Shankar gets angry and intends to kill Kale.
While Rozi and Kali were riding bicycles, Shankar hit a truck and broke them both. Rozi died there and Kali died after watching the video of her ashes and the destruction of her followers.

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Kanchana 3 (2019) Action, Comedy, Horror | 2h 44min | 18 April 2019 (USA) 4.2
Director: Lawrence RaghavendraWriters: Lawrence RaghavendraStars: Lawrence Raghavendra, Oviya, VedikaSummary: A young man who gets easily scared is possessed by a ghost that is seeking revenge.


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