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Crash 3 is a 2013 Indian Hindi superhero film produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan, [5] and written by Honey Irani and Robin Bhatt. It was the third film in the Crash series after Koi Mil Gaya (2003) and Crash (2006). [6] Starring Haritak Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut. In the stories, Rohit Mehra, the scholar, and Krishna Mehra, also known as Krishna, his son’s superhero, have a beautiful reunion with the villain Call and his wife Marghi Kaya. In the process, Krishna’s pregnant wife Priya was abducted by the call, and the model changed her place to Mehra’s house and eventually fell in love with Krishna.

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The movie grid is connected to the director. For more on first person online, see No … Found and Crash.
Teacher Rohit Mehra lives in Mumbai with his son Krishna Mehra (both played by Haritak Roshan). Krishna is married to journalist Priya (Priyanka Chopra). Rohit worked as a superhero crash at a research institute for India and Krishna government during the moon, often being fired from various working days due to absenteeism. Rohit is also looking for devices that can revive dead tissue using solar energy.

Despite many experiments, he did not end the experiment because of the height of the sun. On a regular business day, Krishna lost his job due to the company’s safety wing when he heard the news that the plane, whose tires had fallen off due to a malfunction, was at high risk, even if If it goes down, it will explode, and so do the passengers. Krishna immediately. Hee turns into a crash and grabs the landing gear to prevent the plane from colliding so that the decks support the ship’s nose.

A few days later, Rohit heard of a deadly outbreak of immunodeficiency virus in Namibia. He advises his doctor friend Varun Shetty (Arif Zakaria). Meanwhile, Shetty got a call from the doctor. Alok Sen (Asif Basra), a scientist working in call laboratories, agreed to meet with him to publish information about the disease and the vaccine.

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However, both Sen and Shechester have been murdered by Kaya (Kangana Ranaut), the opposite sex. He was a member of Call (Vivek Oberoi), a servant of the telecommunications villain. Call created a group of human animals, called “maneuvers”, with the ability to heal themselves with different forces in the body but to lose. He then reported that the virus call in Namibia had sold its own vaccine and made huge profits, the precious message of which was their blood.

Rohit found that the virus, which spreads rapidly in Mumbai, had no effect on Krishna, the pregnant Priya or herself. So it prevents him from using the blood from Krishna’s blood vessels, which he transferred using a fracture. In a fit of rage, Kalal sends his ambassadors to fight Rohit and discovers how the vaccine has improved without the use of his blood. Crash manages to save Rohit, but Priya is injured and hospitalized. However, Crash manages to defeat the assassin (Gohar Khan).

Kaya follows the instructions of the call and when Priya is abducted by the call, she switches to Priya. Kaya acts like Priya and assures Krishna that Priya has lost her child and is still with Mahras. Seeing the truth after vaccination, he made Krishna his favorite. When Rohit could not answer the questions about the involvement of the frog man in the disease, he traveled to Singapore and sought answers from the doctor. Companion of Sadhant Arya (Nasiruddin Shah) in which he was raped by a black man. Meanwhile, Krishna finds out the truth about Priya. Angered, he introduced himself to Krishna and ordered her to take him to the call clinic. After falling in love with Krishna, Kaya decides to help save his wife.

In the call office, it was announced that Kal is Rohit’s son, who was prepared from the doctor’s experiments. The baby was also born with a disability

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