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minority report movie download in hindi is a 2002 American fiction action movie [5] directed by Steven Spielberg and based on Philip Dick’s 1956 short story “The minority report full movie download in hindi dubbed 720p”. It was originally set up in 2054 in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia, where special police officers from Prime Cream arrested the perpetrators before the information provided by the psychiatrist “Pregogus”. The statements are better than Tom Cruise, pre-crime director John Anderton, Colin Farrell as director Danny Vitor, Samantha Morton before Agatha, Atta, and Max Van Sodo Lamar Bridges.

About Minority Report movie (reviews):

The film features technicolor, voodoo, thriller and science fiction genres, as well as previous theaters, as the protagonist is accused of not being a refugee. []] Spielberg was seen as “fifty per cent treated and 50 per cent controversial” with “multiple layers and unknown killings and multiple layers”. [7]

Minority Report


The basic tenet of the film is the question of free will and determination. It checks whether it is free if the future is created and known in advance. Among other things, the role of government protection in protecting its citizens, the role of media in the future state, where technological advances have kept it going. Not too far away, the defendant and Spielberg’s legal abilities are the main point of the broken family.

The film was first selected as a sequel to Dick Adaptation, Total Recall, and began developing in 1997 after episodes from June Cohen to Spielberg and Cruise. . Production losses due to cruise mission time: Negative 2 and Spielberg’s AI. In time, it finally began in March 2001. In the pre-planning period, Spielberg consulted with a number of scholars to explore the world of the future far beyond what he saw in other writings. Filmmaking, and some technology has been proven in film. They

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storyline of Minority Report movie :

minority report full movie download in hindi dubbed 720p was one of the best rated videos of 2002 and was nominated for many awards. He won the Oscar for Best Sound Performance and eleven nominations, including Saturn Award for Best Actor, Best Actor and Best Actor. Won Music, Best Actor, Best Actor, Best Actor, and Best Actor. The film grossed over 35 8,358 million worldwide, grossing a total of مل 142 million (including broadcasts). More than four million DVDs were sold in the first months of The Home’s release.

April 2054, Washington, DC Standards prevent the pre-crime police department from preventing homicide before it can do so, and reduce homicide to zero. Murder is considered to be carried out by special agents, called “precoages”, who “monitor” the crime by obtaining a view of the future. Will the killers really be imprisoned? The government seeks to adopt a contradictory program across the country.

Since the disappearance of his son Sean, pre-crime captain John Anderton (Tom Cruise) has separated from his wife Lara (Catherine Morris) and become addicted to drugs. While Danny Vettor (Colin Ferrell) of the U.S. Department of Justice was investigating the job, Praggs developed a new investigation in which he claimed that Anderton would kill an unknown man named Leo Crow in 36 hours. . Everton fled the area when Vittor began working hard. Anderton consulted a doctor. Iris Heinmann (Louis Smith), founder of pre-crime technology. It turns out that sometimes a pragmatist, usually Agatha (Samantha Morton), has a different point of view. Other settings for “minority report movie download” can be changed later. This has become a mystery because it can damage the system. Anderton decided to reinstate minority report movie download to prove his innocence.

Enderton went to the office of a doctor who sells black eye drops with the risk of blindness throughout the city. He returned to the pre-cream and kidnapped Agatha and shut down the system when Pragys acted as a group brain.


Anderton and Agatha walked for about 36 hours to the hotel room and saw many pictures of the children, including Xian. Crow arrives, and Anderton intends to kill him, accusing him of being a stranger. Agatha beats Crow and tells Underton that he can now choose the future he knows. The corps, however, was told to kill, hired strangers to take pictures, and was killed in exchange for his family’s financial well-being. The mob picked up Anderton’s cannons and pulled the trigger, killing himself. Enderton and Agatha fled Lara’s home outside the city to seek refuge. There, they find out that Danai Agatha’s drug-addicted parents sold him for pre-crime. Survivors softened and tried to retake Agatha, but were killed. Enderton believes his focus has been on knowing Lively’s existence and that he is connected to Agatha.

Vitro learned of Crowe’s death because Anderton was ahead. When he reviewed the photos of the live massacre, he found that two attempts had been made on his life, one of which was canceled by the pre-crime, but the other, which took place a few minutes later, was completed. Vitor reported it to Lamar Bridges (Max van Saido), director and founder of Pre-Crime, but Bridges shot the vendor using an Anderton pistol. Offline, Pregogs doesn’t show murder, though.

Lara had earlier called Bridges when she saw Anderton with her. Anderton was arrested, charged with two counts of murder and sent to prison after being placed in a psychiatric ward, where he fell asleep like a dreamer. Agatha has been reunited with the pre-cream system. Trying to reassure Lara, Bridges also reveals himself as a murderer. Lara frees Anderton, who then plays the entire film with Agartha’s Vision of Bridges recording and presents Bridges at a cream dinner entertainment. A new report from Pre-Crime states that Bridges is killing Anderson. In the fight against Everton, Bridges admitted that pre-crime could not work without Agatha. He killed Zinda as a reality experiment that he had planned, knowing that the murder was the voice of a pre-crime and had been ignored. Anderton details the problem that Bridges currently faces: he could kill Anderton and claim pre-crime at the cost of his own life, or he could retain Anderton and approve the program and get closer. Gives. Underton’s note, the flaw in the system is that people can change their future when they know about it. Burgess committed suicide.

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