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Flying in the Cuckoo’s Nest is a 1975 American film starring the Milwaukee Farman star, followed by Ken Casey in the 1932 new Sky Across Coco’s Nest. In the film, Jack Nicholson co-stars with Randall McMurphy, The New Brain Patient, and Louis Fletcher, Braddorf, Will Simpson, Sydney Lask, William Redfield, Danny DeVito, and Christopher Lloyd. ۔

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Filming began in January 1975 and lasted three months off the coast of Oregon, in addition to Salem, Oregon and surrounding areas. The producers have actually decided to shoot the film at Mantle Hospital, Oregon State Hospital, as it is still a source of news.

Considered by many to be one of the best movies of all time, A Fww Across Beyond Cuckoo’s Nest is at number 33 on the list of American 100 Years … 100 Movies. The film is the second film to win five Oscars (Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actress). The movie was followed by his Happy Night in 1934. The show was not repeated until 1991 with Silence of Lambs. He also won several Golden Globes and a BAFTA Award. In 1993, the film was considered “cultural, historical or aesthetic” by the US Department of Defense and was selected for publication at the National Film Registry.

In the fall of 1963, in Oregon, actor Randall Patrick McMurphy moved to a psychiatric center after months in prison for torture and abuse. Although a 15-year-old girl has no real mental illness, McMurphy hopes she will avoid the urge to work and fulfill her words in a safe and quiet place. Upon arrival at the hospital, he learns that the church is run by Mildred Richard, a fluke, a psychologist, devoted to the tyrant who uses his rights and privileges to intimidate him. The patient in life is limited to entertainment only.

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Other patients included the depressed, helpless 21-year-old Billy Babbitt. Charlie Chesapeake, who often entertained and satirized children. Misguided and holy martini Statement, Oppressed Lesbian Dale Harding Warring and impure Max Taber; Epilepsy specialists Jim Seflet and Bruce Fredixon, who had previously given the drug in his background. Calm but intensely high Scanlin; The “boss” Bromden was a skilled American deaf and dumb person (although his disability later emerged as a self-defense); And some others who have chronic pain.

Fasting He gives and distributes tobacco to patients and gives them the right to play. While in church, McMurphy took part in a will fight against the unsustainable and powerful nurse Reich. He stole a school bus, ran for fish in the Pacific with a few patients, and encouraged his patients to explore their abilities and find confidence.

He was told by the verdict that the judge’s time was not available to those who thought he was insane. McMurphy planned an escape and encouraged Police Chief Broman to throw the hydrotherapy console over the window. ۔ . It was also reported that McMurphy, Boss, Chesapeake and Tabir were only short-term patients at the school. The rest of them are personal and will volunteer all the time to find out, but also fear.

When Chesapeake took part in a contest to claim his cigarettes, which the Guardian argued was because patients had lost all their money to McMurphy, McMurphy fought with the authorities, and more than two Later, the boss commits himself to the fight. And takes an order out of McMurphy. Nurse Richard sends Chief, Chesapeake and McMurphy to the “store” coming from this release. Awaiting his sentencing, McMurphy first befriended the president, and when he saw that he was able to speak and listen, he resorted to deafness to avoid associating with anyone. Alec was later subjected to treatment

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