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Prathius is a 2012 animated feature film directed by Ridley Scott, written by John Spippets and Damon Lindelof and starring Naomi Rapsi, Michael Fassbender, Guy Paris. , Idris Elba, Logan Marshall Green and Charlize Theron. It was formed at the end of the 21st century and protects the crew of Prometheus as it follows a pattern of stars from various ancient worlds. Given the nature of man, many people have come a long way in seeing the danger of extinction.

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The film’s development began in the 2000s as the fifth installment in the Alien franchise. Scott and director James Cameron came up with the idea for a film that would be Scott’s 1979 horror film Alien. In 2002, Alien vs. The hunter took the initiative and the project was not completed until 2009, when Scott regained interest.

Speech Huts had already written for the events of foreign films, but Scott chose a different approach to avoid repeating the text from the films. In 2010, Lindelof joined the Spitz script writing campaign, and he and Scott created an alien story before the story, but not directly connected to the franchise. Although the film reveals “foreign DNA threads, to say the least,” and takes place in the same world, Prometheus explores his myths and theories, according to Scott.

Protemus April 2010 with part-time design requires technology development and film production during this period. Early Photography March in March 2011 with a budget of 30-1 million million. started with started. The project was shot down with 3D cameras everywhere, almost completely layout,

And locations in England, Iceland, Spain and Scotland. It is advertised with marketing campaigns that include infectious features on the site. Our animated series includes animated feature films that reflect the themes of the legendary world, were released and received highly acclaimed and rewarding awards.

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Prometheus was released in the UK on June 1, 2012 and in North America on June 8, 2012. Filmmaking has been praised for its design, production quality and visual effects, but it has also been criticized for its formal and unresolved issues. The film grossed over $ 403 million worldwide. One film, Alien: The Promise, was released in May 2017.

When the earth moves away from the planet, unconventional people drink liquids and cause its body to melt. When it falls into a waterfall, the alien’s DNA falls and shrinks.

In 2089, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discovered a star-shaped map in Scotland that resembled many unrelated cultures. He interpreted it at the invitation of the first person “Engineers”. Peter Weland,

The former CEO of Weland Corporation, who funded an urgent mission, took the spacecraft Prometheus as far as LV-223 to follow the map. The sailors go to Stacey while Android David watches his journey. By December 2093, CEO Meredith Walkers informed him of her responsibility to find engineers and not to contact them without their permission.

Prometheus landed on bare ground on a hill near a large, well-viewed structure that had been discovered by a group of researchers. Inside, they saw a circular stone, a single-headed statue of a human head, and the bodies of a large foreigner who wanted to be president. Buy his head. People look for other bodies, it is impossible for them to cross these types. Crowd members Mill Byrne and Feffield did not fight the discovery well and tried to get Prometheus back, but when they got lost they became role models in their own right.

The voyage was interrupted when a storm forced the crew to return to the ship. David hid the cylinder for the model while the extra cylinder started painting black liquid. In the ship’s laboratory, engineer

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