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Race 3 is a 2018 Indian Hindi thriller thriller directed by Remo de Souza and produced by Instruction Films and Salman Khan Films. The film stars Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem and Freddie Daruwala. This is the third page of the film series that started with Race in 2008 and Race 2 in 2013. Although similar to this film. Since it was released on June 15, 2018, parallel to Eid. Although the film received poor reviews, it was a box office success, grossing a total of Rs 178.98 crore in India and an estimated Rs 3,303 crore worldwide. [8]

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Shamshir Singh owns Al Shifa, a private island for barters. Sikandar Singh is the eldest son of Shamshir, while Sanjana and Suraj are his twin children. Yash is a close relative of Shamsheer’s Note and Skandis. Known as SK Muqtadar and Raghuvendra or Raghu Chacha, he was a bodyguard and close associate of Shamshir. In the incident, it was revealed that Rana Vijay was a business rival of Shamshir and he was creating difficulties in the Shamshir family business.

Since both Sanjana and Suraj are about 25 years old, their family lawyers explain the possibility of their mother dying. Upon request, the twins are entitled to the remaining 50% as a member of the property (25% share in each) and the remaining 50% to Alexander. This difference makes the twins hate Alexander more than the sword likes Alexander more than the twins. Shamshir told them that Sikandar was the son of his elder brother Ranchore Singh.

In a bygone era describing the village of Handia in the 1970s, the history of the Sangh family was tragic. Both the Sangh brothers supplied arms to the Indian Army. Hendia’s local authorities asked him about the illegal weapons, which Ranchor denied. He refused to run for office in the region.

One day, Vijender Singh’s son was shot by a rancher shooter during an exchange of gunfire with a rancher-owned company. One day Ranchoor died when his car exploded. An arms company owned by the Sangh family later claimed to be defending the state and accused it of supplying arms to terrorists. Shamshir sent Alexander to Beijing for training and to heal Syker’s widow. After 1 year, twins are born.

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One night in Shifa, one night, Yash talked about his girlfriend. Alexander revealed that in Beijing he fell in love with a girl named Jessica who broke up with him. Burj Mohan, Shamsheer’s childhood friend, said his friend was used by hotel officials to his liking, where all activities were captured on camera. And stored on the hard disk. The hard drive is stored in a bank deposit box in Cambodia. Shamshir hired Alexander to restore the hard drive, and he promised to take it back.

During dinner the next day, it was revealed that Jessica is Yash’s daughter. Alexander and Jessica meet privately in the security room. The next day, Suraj and Sanjana, who wrote about Alexander Jessica’s meeting, checked out the video for Yash. An angry Yash went to Jessica’s room and saw Alexander coming with her. Alexander later told her that his two previous contacts with Jessica were planned by Suraj and Sanjana as part of their plan to kill Alexander. Yash worked with Alexander to protect the twins, but also continued with the twins. Alexander, the twins, Yash and Jessica are responsible for hard drive maintenance.

After retrieving the hard drive, Shamshir planted explosives in Alexander’s car, removed him and left for an interview with authorities, where a video of the protest was kept. Swordsman, surrounded by twins, told Syker’s death to politicians. He then plugged in the hard drive and was surprised to find that the drive was not old. Yes

There is only one video of Alexander’s mother. The video showed the secretary’s mother, Rancher killed by a sword, and the twins, Rancher’s children. سکندر

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