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Saaho (Translated. It’s You) is a 2019 Indian drama thriller film written and directed by Sujit. It was produced by Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod Appalapati in his publication UV Creations. []] []] []] Was originally filmed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and starred Prabhas and Shardha Kapoor, featuring the first Hindi song and the last film in South Hindi cinema. [10] [11] [ 12] [13]] The film follows a major crime of military stockpiling. The struggle for power after the death of their leader.

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Saaho’s main filming began in August 2017. The film has been screened in India, UAE, Romania and Austria. [14] Made with an investment of Rs 350 crore and is one of the most expensive Indian films ever made. The soundtrack of the film has been released under the T-series flag. Saaho was released in India on August 30, 2019 on film and IMAX. [15]

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Waji City Underworld leader Narantak Rai was killed in a car accident in Mumbai. Devraj, the son of a former crime boss, calls himself the next head of a crime scene. Ibrahim told Kalki, the group’s legal adviser, that the Rai family had been killed and had resigned within 25 years. The secret is that he has a son named Vishnuk. Vishwanak reveals Devraj’s plans by completing his father as the next leader. Vishnuk has been found guilty of killing her husband.

The story turns to India, where the expert easily stole about two trillion rupees. A worldwide reception center for the culprit. The group’s secret agent, Ashok Chakraborty, an anonymous man, was elected leader of the group. Amrita Nair, colluding with the police he loves, exposed the thief named Jai and tried to trap him, believing him to be guilty. Amrita and Ashok fell in love. Immortality, Ashoka and David (thief) persecute Jai. In contrast, it was reported that the thief “Jai” was the real police officer Ashok Chakraborty: the leader who stayed with him all the time was the real thief who stole two trillion rupees. Saaho was rescued when Saaho fled with his partner David, Amrita, along with all the police in the city.

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