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Sean Samurai (Japanese: 人 人 侍 co, Hepburn: Shichinen Samurai) is a 1954 Japanese epic samurai film, created, edited and directed by Akira Korosa. The story dates back to 1586 [3] during the Sangoku period in Japanese history. It tells the story of a village where farmers hire seven Dunns (masterless samurai) to fight robbers who return after harvest and steal their crops.


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Since its release, Seven Samurai has regularly been on the list of critically acclaimed films, including BFI’s Site and Sound and Rotten Tomatoes. [4] [5] It has also been named the most controversial foreign film in the BBC 2018 International Series. [6] It has been on the positive side, often seen in cinemas as “remake, remake, talk”.

The robbers talk about mountain bikes, but their owners have decided that they will ride them recently and wait until the harvest. He was heard by a farmer. , After which the villagers consulted the village elders and Miller Jisako. He said he had found a village that had hired samurai and remained involved in the raids, adding that he should hire samurai to protect them. Since they have no money and can only provide food as a payment, Gasako asks them to watch the hungry samurai.

After a brief start, the scout team looks to Kambe, an elderly but knowledgeable Ronin, to rescue a young man who has been kidnapped by a wounded thief. Kits Shiro, a young samurai, applied to become a student of Kambi. The villagers then asked for help, and after an initial rejection, Kambi accepted. With the help of his old friends Chichiji and Katsusheri, he found three other samurai: a friend, a wild goblin; Good mood hihachi And Kyuzo, the owner of the tumultuous tunnels, in which Katshuro surprised. Although inexperienced, Katsushiro was accepted because of his short stature. Keikochieu, a wild and unreliable man who takes his family members whom he claims to be samurai (although his birthday is a teenager), is himself following the group.

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Upon arrival, the samurai noticed that the locals surrounded their homes and refused to greet them. Criticizing such a cold reception, Kechuchiu rang the community bell and called on the locals to come out of hiding and seek protection. The samurai was happy and satisfied and accepted it as a friendly handshake. Gradually, the samurai and the peasants began to trust each other as they trained. Katsusheri formed a relationship with Shino, a farmer’s daughter,

who influenced his father’s sense of being a boy to avoid the demands of a samurai. However, the six samurai masters became angry when Keikuchiu brought them protective clothing and weapons, which the locals often needed to kill the wounded or kill the samurai. The samurai are responsible for the wars, raids, taxes and forced labor that wreak havoc on the people, the Quechua said. In doing so, he shares his background as an orphan. The angry samurai was embarrassed.

Three dacoit scouts have been found. Two were killed while others described their camp. Against the demands of the samurai, the villagers killed the prisoners. The samurai set fire to the bandits’ camp in pre-war demonstrations. An immature villager, Rekichi, who helps Sameera helps, explodes when he finds his wife, who he thinks was abducted, and in the previous recording, he gave birth to a wife. When he saw Ricci, he went back to the burning tent. Heachi died of flames as he tried to save Ritchie, where his grief gathered.

When the robbers finally attacked, they engaged in a new defense, including a ditch and a wooden fence. Several bandits were killed after a band of horses was allowed to enter the village following the Kamba plot, where they were strangled to death by a group of farmers. Gasako’s family tries to save the old man when he refuses to leave his stone outside the village. All the dangers, except for one child, saved Kekhochiu, who was drowned in tears

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