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Sangham Returns is a 2014 Indian Hindi language film starring Rohit Shetty and produced by Reliance Entertainment, Ajay Devgn F Films and Rohit Shetty Productions. [1] In the 2011 film Sangham and the second Shetty’s Police Universe, in which Ajay Devgn played the lead role in the previous film, Kajal Agarwal was replaced by Kareena Kapoor as the actress. Acted on []] The film was released worldwide on August 15, 2014. [4] The plot is based on the 1993 Malaysian film Iklavian. []] []]

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Storyline of Singham Returns movie:

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Ranveer Singh as Police Chief, Controversy Known as Sambha, Bad Employee of Sangham in Shivgarh Devgan had rejected Sangham in the communal link. The film ends with Akshay Kumar as ATS’s first hero Suryawanshi, Sangham acquaintance. Another series, Sovereign has been announced in 2020, and Kumar will have to return to the role of leader, and both Devgn and Singh are fighting for their roles, with Sangham and Simba in a major uphill battle.

Bajira Sangham (Ajay Devgn), now the Deputy Chief of Police, went to Mumbai and found his colleague Mahesh dead inside an ambulance with a bag. The size of the money. Sangham has decided to find out the truth behind him, and in the process he has come across a strong and deceitful leader, Satiraj Chandra alias Babaji (Amul Gupte), whose ruler Guruji (Anupam Kher) including General Secretary Prakash Rao There are connections beyond unjust governments. (Zakir Hussain)

Meanwhile, Guru Ji was killed by Babaji’s chickens when Guru Ji attacked Rao’s target, though Sangham was involved in the incident. He promises revenge. That is why he should make excuses that he has left school in front of his family. For this reason, his father asked him and his childhood friend, Oni (Kareena Kapoor), to come to his house in Shivgarh. After a while, Sangham and Owen fell in love. However, it is reported that Sangham did not back down and came to Shivgarh on a mission to get some evidence against Babaji.

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