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Swarg is a 1990 Indian Bollywood film directed by David Dhawan. The film stars Rajesh Khanna, Govinda, Johi Chawla and Madhavi in ​​the lead roles. Swarg is the last four films that Rajesh Khanna got when he made a film in 1991 with Ghar Parivar, Innocent and Rs 10 crore. The film is the second highest grossing film of the 1990s.

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The show is based on the 1967 film Mashriban starring Ashok Kumar, which itself is based on the 1960 Tamil film Padikha Madhai, a remake of the 1953 Bengali film Jog Byug [3] with which the novel is based. Is. The same name of Ashpurna Devi [4]. Swarag has returned to Telugu with Krishna and Krishnam Raju in Telugu, Annadata in Bengali and Azizatadar in Nepali, Snehar Protein in Bangladesh.

In Swaraj Haveli, it is the story of Kumar or Sahabi Ji (Rajesh Khanna), a wealthy merchant and landowner. His family includes his wife (Madhavi (actor)), sister Jyoti (Johi Chawla), two brothers, Vicky (Raja Bundela) and Ravi (Dilip Dhawan), and a sister (Nina Gupta). ). He also has a loyal servant, Krishna (Govinda), who is considered to be his father’s former relative.

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Storyline of Swarg movie:

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Sahabji had a dispute with Dhanraj (Paresh Rawal), an unscrupulous businessman, about his business and Sahabji Yang’s business plans. In return, Dhanraj intends to transfer Sahabji’s wealth and finances with Sahabji’s two brothers.

He had a good fire at the Sahabji factory, confused about the plot space and the time of the big house and the huge business potential, the amazing Sahabji, and the disappearance of his wife. His family has now spent money, the mansion and his business. When Krishna meets her master’s relative, she herself is expelled from Sahabji because she is accused of stealing Jyoti’s neck from her brothers and sisters in Sahabji.

He later found out that Sahabji had deliberately evicted him so that he could do some good things in life and not allow Sahabji to commit his own sins. Krishna moved to Bombay and he met a man named Chada (Satish Kushk) or the airport and they became friends. His hard work in the town made him rich enough to get rich from the old owner, and he returned to his hometown a few years later in another lucrative business. Related.

Led by the offer of gold, Krishna sent his agent to buy the Sahabji Haveli – now owned by Dhanraj – the value of which Dhanraj signed the landowners and the mansion without knowing the identity of the buyer.
In the process of submitting the payment on her website, she said that the factory was on fire, which caused her to rush to the spot in time. Seeing this, his factory exploded into ashes.
At this point, Krishna meets him and identifies himself as the informed buyer, and also acknowledges responsibility for the “incidental” brand similar to Dhanraj’s concept for which Sahabji was accused. .
When Dhanraj also said that he could still maintain his business for INR 9 million, Krishna wondered if Dhanraj forgot to close his security before leaving the house. In fact, on his return, Dhanraj realized his insecure security for the money, leaving him homeless and devastated.

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Swarg (1990) Drama | 160min | 2 May 1990 (India) 6.7
Director: David DhawanWriter: Anees Bazmee, Nandu G. TolaniStars: Rajesh Khanna, Govinda, MadhaviSummary: Kumar lives in palatial house with wife Janki two brothers and youngest being his sister Jyoti.Krishna is the house servant who considers Kumar not less then God and calls him Sahabji.Dhanraj his business rival destroys his factory his brothers then part ways from him and Jyoti's marriage is called off as Kumar has nothing left with him.Krishna is his only support who decides to be with him till the end.But he is framed for robbery and thrown out of the house.Further Janki passes away and Kumar along with Jyoti starts to live in a hut .Krishna goes to Bombay and becomes a big star.Upon his return he finds about what happened with Kumar he decides to destroy Dhanraj and Kumar's brothers. Written by [email protected]


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