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Good, Bad and What (Italian: Il buono, Iil cryto, Iil cattivo, lit. ” The Good, the Next, The Bad ”) is an Italian epic film directed by Sergio Leon and directed by Clint Eastwood. Directed by Spitty is a 1966 Western film. As “The Good”, Lee Van Cliff as “The Bad”, and Eli Walch as “The Bad”. [10] His film Edge and Scarpelli was written by Luciano Vincenzoni and Leon (with additional material and interviews that provide an authoritative Sergio Donati),

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Vincenzoni and Leon-based cinematographer Tonivino Daily Coli were responsible for the film’s production, and Enio Morricone produced the film’s score, including the main theme. It is an Italian-dressed production company with producers in Spain, West Germany and the United States.

The film is known for its long shot shots and close proximity to moviegoers, and thus differs in violence, suspense and long guns. In the aftermath of the American Civil War (especially the New Mexico Cooperation of 1862), expeditions to find good fortune in the Confederate Golden Tomb revolved around three gun battles. When participating in numerous matches and dowels along the way. [12] The film is the third collaboration between Leon and Clint Eastwood, and the second with Lee Van Cliff.

The good, the bad, and the unexpected are traded commercially as the third and last dollar in the third, followed by the Folst of Dollars and a few dollars later. The film was a financial success, grossing over 25 25 million at the box office and was credited with making Eastwood a star. Due to the approval of the Western spaghetti genre at the time, the film received a critical reception after its release, but it was well received in the following years.

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In 1862, during the American Civil War, a hunter tried to kill a member of the Spanish tribe, Toko Ramirez. Toko kills three hunters and runs away. Elsewhere, according to Jackson, the lawyer who stole the gold secret, the “Angel Eye” interrogates Steven, a former Confederate mercenary, who promises to kill Angel Eye. . Angel Eyes introduces Stevens to his new name, which Jackson uses: Bill Carson. Stevens paid Angel Eyes ب 1,000 to kill Baker, the Angel Eyes office. The angelic eyes accepted the new work,

But when he went to Stickins and terminated his contract with Baker, he too was killed. He then returned to Baker and collected his bill to kill Stevens and then killed Baker, ending his role in Stevens. This time, Toko was rescued by three hunters through an unknown “blonde”, who sent him to the local police station to collect $ 2,000. As Tyoko was being hanged, Blondie Toko’s voice disappeared after he was killed and released. Two ways to save big money in the process of running a horse and collecting. He repeated the process in other cities to make more money. Bluedie grew up after Toko complained and left him in the desert without horses or water. Tuco manages to march to a village and then to Blandi, a Confederate army-owned settlement. Toko holds Bulandi under the gun, ready to force himself to be hanged, but Union forces scale the city so that Blondi can escape.

After a difficult search, Toko Blondie returned and headed across the desert until the dehydration subsided. As Toko prepares to kill him, he is seen driving a race car. Inside, several Confederate soldiers were killed and one was killed near Bill Carson, who buried Tuco in Confederate Gold, owed 200 200,000 in a grave in Seed Hill Cemetery. Toko wanted to know the name of the tomb, but Carson was thirsty before he could answer. When Toko returns with the water, Carson dies, and Blondie announces with him that Carson has recovered and puts his name on the grave before he dies. Toko, who is now being urged to keep Blondie alive, gives her water and takes her to a nearby area where her brother lives, to recover.

After Blondie’s return, the two left only Confederate closets in Carson’s car

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