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Green Mile is a 1999 American animated feature film written and directed by Frank Darabont and based on the 1996 Stephen King novel of the same name. Its star, Tom Hanks, testifies to the death of a police officer during a depression that took place after an autopsy (Michael Clark Duncan). He was replaced by David Morris, Bonnie Hunt, Doug Hutchison and James Cromwell in the supporting cast.

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The film premiered on December 10, 1999 in the United States for critical acclaim and recognized its screenings and performances. He completed commercials, earned 28 286 million from his 60 60 million investment and was nominated for four Oscars: Best Picture, Best Supporting Role for Duncan, Best Voice and Best Soundtrack.

When Louisiana helped at home in 1999, senior Paul Edgecom would have loved to see a movie on the hat. His partner, Elaine, was upset, and police explained that the film reminded him of an incident in 1935 when he was a police officer serving a cold prison sentence. Dead, called “Green Mile”.

In 1935, police supervised officers Brutus Hole, Dean Stanton, Harry Torreliger and Percy Whitmore and alerted President Hall Moores. Paul was introduced to John Kofi, a physically but mentally African American, who was sentenced to death after being convicted of aggravated assault and the murder of two Guri girls. He added two other prisoners to the block: Edward “Dale” Delcroux and Arlene Beaterbach,

The first of them was killed. Louisiana’s first lady’s granddaughter, Percy, is reportedly grieving, but to avoid responsibility, she breaks up with her family. He is particularly aggressive towards Dale, breaking his fingers and killing his mice for pets.۔

After Paul touches him with great pain and then slowly heals him after Jennings resurrects the man, Paul slowly realizes that he has the magical ability to heal others. When he thought that John had the power to perform miracles, Paul began to doubt whether he had really sinned by his own sins. Police officers, meanwhile, were forced to deal with “Charity” Wharton’s detainees, who were often harassed by assailants and racists, and at one point confined to a padded block cell.

In exchange for leaving the judge and accepting a job as a mad narrator, Percy is allowed to oversee Dell’s murder. During the murder, Percy deliberately slipped a sponge that was used to electrocute Dell’s head, causing him distress and death. As a punishment for his deeds,

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Police and other preachers tied up Percy and forced him to spend the night in a locked cell phone. When Percy was imprisoned, John was abducted from prison to save the life of Warden Moore’s wife, Melinda, from paralysis.

John then uses his power to “release” Melinda from the damage to Percy’s brain, which kills Wharton. Shortly afterwards, John’s heart quietly tells Paul that Wharton was the real culprit of the crime he had unjustly reprimanded, and in the process put great power on Paul. After being diagnosed with mental illness, Percy attacked the same lunatic man at a place he intended to work on after retirement.

Eventually convinced that John was innocent, the police became dissatisfied with his plans to kill him and decided to release him. However, John tells Paul that he wants to die because he sees the world as a constant place of oppression and human oppression.

John, who has never seen the film before, refers to it as a final request to see Hate with a second defense. He was shot after that night, before he was told not to wear a custom hat on his head as if he were scared at night. At that moment, Paul told Alien that the reason for John’s last murder, which he and Brutus had witnessed, was that they had both left prison and gone to work as teenagers.

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