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Pianist is a war biographical animated film and has been produced by Roman Polanski since 2002, co-written by Ronald Harwood and starring Adrian Brody. It is based on the biography of the pianist (1946), a memoir of the Holocaust by Polish-Jewish pianist and composer Odysseus Cespelman, who survived the Holocaust. [4] The film is a collaboration between France, England, Germany and Poland.

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The pianist began filming on May 24, 2002 at the Cannes Film Festival, which won the Palme d’Or and continued into September. The film was widely acclaimed, with critics praising Polanski’s guidance, Brody’s performance and Harwood’s films. []] At the 75th Oscars, the film was nominated for Best Director (Polanski), Best Adaptive Screenplay (Harwood) and Best Actor (Brody) and was nominated for four. Others including the best photos. It also won the BAFTA Award for Best Picture and the BAFTA Award for Best Picture in 2003, and seven French Caesars, including Best Film, Best Director and Young People. Young Best for Brody. It was featured on the BBC in 2016 in the 100 Greatest Movies of the 21st Century.

In September 1939, a Polish-Jewish pianist, Wadisau Sispelman, was playing radio in Warsaw when Nazi Germany invaded Poland and bombed a station. Hoping for an immediate victory, Spielmann was happy to return home with his family when he was told that Britain and France had declared war on Germany, but no promises had been made. The fighting lasted only a month, during which time German and Russian Soviet troops seceded into Poland. Warsaw became part of the Nazi-led general government. The Jews soon resisted unemployment or trafficking, and were even made to carry the blue star on David’s arm.

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By November 1940, Spellman and his family had been forcibly evicted from their homes in the area and in the Warsaw ghetto, which only became more dangerous. Deaths from starvation, SS shelters are brutal, children’s hunger has been abandoned and there are deaths everywhere. On one occasion, Spellman’s KSS killed an entire family in a room across the street during a chase, including throwing a wheelchair at the window.

On August 16, 1942, Spellman and his family were brought to Treblinka’s execution camp as part of Operation Reinhard. But a friend of the ghetto police informed Odesiao about the Amschlag plots and separated him from his family. He went into slavery and knew about the attacks on the Jews. He smuggles weapons into the ghetto and helps to escape, and in a short time escapes a creditor. Spellman eventually managed to escape and escaped with the help of non-Jewish friends, Andrej Bogki and his wife Gina.

In April 1943, Spielman saw the Warsaw ghetto at his gate, which helped, expand, and eventually complete. When a neighbor saw Spielman in the field, he was forced to flee to another hiding place. He had a piano in the new room, but he was forced to keep quiet and was initially obsessed with pornography.

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