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Shawshank Hikmat is a 1994 American animated film written and directed by Frank Darabont, based on the 1982 short story by Stephen King, Rita Hewruth, and Shawshank Redemption. It tells the story of a banker

Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), who is serving a life sentence in a Shaunisk state lawyer for the murder of his wife and his girlfriend, has been convicted of the crime. For the past two years, she has been living with hostages, who have been prevented from escaping by Alice “Red” Reading (Morgan Freeman) and is receiving financial support from the House Superintendent. Arrest Samuel Norton (Bob Gunton). William Sedler, Churchill Brown, Gil Bells and James Whitmore appeared in supporting roles.

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Darwin bought the rights to the King Story film in 1987, but it didn’t begin to develop until five years later, when he wrote the script in eight weeks. Two weeks after sending his letter to Castle Rock Entertainment,

Darwin received a 25 million budget to form The Shawnsk Redemption, which began pre-production in January 1993. When the film was to be released in Maine, the director has been using it since June. By August 1993, with the Ohio State Reform Program, almost completed in Mainfield, Ohio. Help as the journalist writes. The campaign has attracted a number of stars from time to time for the role of Andy, including Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner. Thomas Newman provides film credit.

Shawnzak Hikmat shocked the office when it received special release dates and performance reviews between Robbins and Freeman, which grossed only $ 16 million. At the beginning of the show

Many of the reasons given for its failure at the time were attributed to the competition from films such as Pulp Fiction and Forrest Gump, to the unreliability of the prison film, no female characters and yet no names that decisively protected the audience. I was It has received numerous nominations, including seven Academy Awards, and a film release that promotes the cast with international commitment. Approximately turnover.3 58.3 million.

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Storyline of The shawshank redemption movie:

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More than 320,000 VHS copies have been shipped to the United States, and through its election gifts and word of mouth, it has become one of the best films of 1995.
The TNT network began in 1997 and grew in popularity. It is now considered one of the best films of the 1990s. Decades after its release, the film has been released and is still popular in many countries.
The audience as well as celebrities were considered impressive and the film became a hobby in various fields of research. In 2015, the U.S. Department of Health selected a film for protection at the National Film Registry and recognized it as “cultural, historical, or aesthetic.”

In 1947, Andy Dufresne, treasurer of Portland, Maine, was convicted of murdering his wife and his girlfriend and sentenced to two consecutive days in Shashank state prison. He was a friend of Alice “Red”
Raised, convicted and sentenced to life in prison, Reid took a stone hammer and a poster for Andy from Rita Hearth. Andy is often sexually assaulted by “The Sisters” and his boss, Boggs, over his job at the laundry.

In 1949, Andy heard a complaint from the chairman of the board, Byron Headley, that he was being taxed on a property and that it was helping him pay off his legal debts. After Andy was nearly murdered by his sisters and raped, Headley killed the ants and maimed them.
He was later transferred to another jail. Andy didn’t compete. Warm-up Samuel Norton meets Andy, and Brooks sends him to prison to help the Hitler prisoners move on, so Andy manages to help other domestic helpers. Prison, another prison guard and self-bailiff. Andy starts writing notes every week

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