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The Joel Scenes is a 1995 novel, [4] [5] a mystery thriller directed by Brian Singer and written by Christopher McCurry. Featuring Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benicio del Toro, Kevin Pollock, Chase Palmentri, Pete Postlittweight, and Kevin Space.

The plot follows the interrogation of Roger “Verbal” Kent, a short-lived man, one of only two survivors of the massacre and shooting on a shipwreck at a Los Angeles port. Through flashbacks and narratives, Kent tells the criminal story of the events from an investigator who took him and his accomplices to the boat, and the owner of a mysterious crime – known as Caesar Cess – who Controlled them. The film was shot on a 6 million budget and began as a title from a spy magazine column following one of the most memorable lines of the classic film Casa Blanca’s Claude Rain, and The idea was that it would be a good income. Title for a movie.

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Storyline of The Usual Suspects movie:

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The film was shown out of competition at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, [6] and was initially released in some theaters. It received rave reviews and was eventually released extensively. McCurry won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and Space won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. The Reuters Guild of America called the film the 35th greatest screenplay ever. []]

Dan Keaton, a convicted felon, was seriously injured on a shipwreck in San Pedro Bay. He is confronted by a mysterious figure he calls “Caesar”, who shoots him dead and sets the ship on fire. The next day, police recovered 27 bodies and only two survivors: Roger “Verbal” Kant, a Hungarian suspect who was hospitalized in a state of emergency, and Roker “Verbal” Kant, who suffered from cerebral palsy. U.S. Customs Agent Dave Kojan flew from New York City for an oral interrogation. The events that took Keaton, Michael McManus, Fred Fenster, Todd Hockney, and Verbel aboard the ship were then described by Verbel via flashback.

Six weeks ago in New York City, Verbal and four other criminals were arrested on suspicion of truck hijacking, only to be released thanks to Keaton’s lawyer and girlfriend, Eddie Finner. He then decided to carry out a robbery to avenge the NYPD. Led by Keaton, they robbed a jewelry smuggler through corrupt police officers, nabbed millions of emeralds and arrested more than 50 policemen. He then went to California to have a jewelry fence set up by a man named Redfoot, who linked him to another jewelry robbery. The robber goes away badly, and the men find out that the job was arranged by a lawyer named Kobaishi. He met with Kobayashi, who says he arranged his arrest in New York, and that his employer, Caesar Cیزz, the owner of a mysterious Turkish crime that everyone had unjustifiably stolen, fled to Argentina. Ordered raid on a ship driven by drug dealers. Destroy the 91 million cocaine sold on board. Their reward will be cash in return, and they will be free from the effects of siege.

An investigation by Kojan revealed that there was no cocaine on board and that Soz was seen on board. Ozan Kozun is then told a myth about Cez: that he was a drug dealer at a young age when he killed his own family after being taken hostage by a Hungarian mob, and then The massacre of these migrants and their families even before their disappearance, who had only done business through a neutral business, became such a horrific urban myth of their employer, “the criminal story that the culprit Children are told at night. ”

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