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Total Dhamal (also known as Dhamal 3) is a 2019 Indian Hindi language adventure film directed and produced by Indira Kumar. The third installment of the Dhammal franchise, this is the beginning of the 2007 film Dhammal, and is based on the 1963 Hollywood film At Mad, Crazy, Crazy, Mad World, which had some scenes borrowed from the 2015 film Hundred. Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit, Ratish Deshmukh, Irshad Warsi, Javed Jaffery, Sanjay Mishra, Petobish Tripathi, Esha Gupta and Bowman Irani along with Johnny Lever and Manoj Pahwa are in action. Supports special appearances in the song “Mangda” from the song “Songshi Sinha”.


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Production of the film began in March 2017. Deshmukh, Warsi and Jaffery were selected to join Al Dhamal equally. Meanwhile, Devgn, Kapoor and Dixit have added push-ups. Chief Photography Director for All Dhamal started in January 2018. Devgn also made the film. The film will end in August 2018. The final version of the film was released on January 19, 2019, during which the trailer will start on January 21. Since the Pulwama attack took place on February 14, the film has not been released in Pakistan.

The film was released on February 22, 2019. It grossed over ارب 2 billion worldwide within twelve days of its release. It grossed Rs 28.28 billion worldwide and became one of the best Bollywood films of 2019 and one of the best Indian films ever. .

Guddu (Ajay Devgn) and his accomplice Johnny (Sanjay Mishra) plan to steal 500 million black money from Bowman Iranian police. When he tried to escape, his friend Pinto (Manoj Pahwa) both came and ran away with the money.

Avinash and Bandu are a troubled couple who get divorced and quarrel over holding their child. Lal and N and Jhangur were involved in a fight involving bribery and attempts to make as much money as possible, which resulted in them rescuing people from their homes and when they failed to do so, they were fired. ۔ On fire. Adi and Manao find work in an art gallery, where they destroy all Thai rooms and escape from the owner’s heavily controlled car. Meanwhile, Pinto plans to leave the country, but Guddu and Johnny hold on. When he ran between them, Pinto boarded a private plane to escape, but realized he was carrying a bodyguard instead of a pilot.

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The domestic worker was the only one who escaped the runway and the plane crashed. Coincidentally, everyone comes to the crash site, where Pinto reveals that the money was kept at the Junkpur Zoo and asks them to look at one. After learning about money, everyone decides to give themselves money. Guddu and Johnny’s car broke down and they were waiting on the road to find another car. When Avinash went into the forest, he knew the short cut. Lillian took him and Jhangur to a nearby helicopter service. Adi and Manawak use a stolen car to reach Jankpur. Guddu and Johnny try to advertise the car through a satirical GPS system that takes them on the wrong road and eventually takes the car down the slope and destroys the car. Avinash and Bandu got lost in the forest and met a local who was asking them to find their way on the highway.

They both took him with them. Lillian and Jhangor arrive at the helicopter service, where they pass through the ancient and crumbling heights of the owners, who are the victims of the accident. Eddie was hit by a car in the desert after an attractive woman intervened and got stuck in Quixand. Manu took the snake and asked him to grab the heel to get out. As soon as Adi came out and found Manu not taking the rope closer, he was attacked by sheep and goats. Guddu and Johnny confronted a police officer who came across the train to arrest them. Avinash and Bandu try to cross the broken wooden bridge to get to the other side. After successfully avoiding a fall on a hill, he learns that the villain handed him over to a restaurant called Highway, where Avinash beat him. Guddu and Johnny ran out of the exchange when a train hit their car. Lillian and Jhangur jumped out of the cage

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