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Untouchables is a 1987 American crime film, [3] directed by Brian de Palma, produced by Art Linson, written by David Memet, and based on the book of the same name (1957). The film stars Kevin Kastner, Charles Martin Smith, Andy Garcia, Robert De Niro and Sean Connery, and follows Elliott Ness (Price) as he leads El Capone (De Niro) ‘s untouchable team. Justice is when it is limited. The Grammy Award-nominated score was created by Enio Morcon and the music track was created by Duke Eltington. [4]

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“Untouchables” was announced in New York City on June 2, 1987, and went live in the United States on June 3, 1987. The film grossed $ 106.2 million worldwide and was well received by critics. He has been nominated for four arts. Connery won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. [5]

In 1930, due to time constraints, criminal control King Al Capone delivered illicit liquor and took control of almost the entire city of Chicago. Defense Department Agent Elliott Nice was assigned to stop Capone’s operations, but the first attempt at alcoholism did not work because police officers did not participate in Capone. .

He had the opportunity to meet with U.S. Army Chief of Police Jim Malone, who is accused of corruption and assisted Nice, and revealed that he had seen the man with police. Students who have not yet come to Capone’s role and still believe in the best practices of the rule of law. He chose George Stone (AKA Joseph Petrie) as the African American coach for his skill and confidence. Nass from Washington, D.C., joined the Oscar Wallace account, completed a successful recording of Capone’s wine cache and began positively promoting the newspaper calling him “untouchable.” Capone later fired the cache manager as a warning to his other subsidiaries.

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Wallace found out that Capone had not filed a tax return for four years and indicated that the group was trying to file a tax return against him (because Capone’s network protected him from his other crimes). Is). The councilor has taken a bribe from Nass to lose his struggle, but Nass angrily denies it.

The French Neptune threatened Nice’s family after Capone’s decision, and Nice immediately moved his wife and daughter to a safe house. In a subsequent attack on the Canadian border, Nice and his team intercepted a shipment of alcohol. They killed several thugs and arrested George, Capone’s ally, and eventually agreed to join. In Chicago, while Wallace was taking George from a police station to a safe house, a fake nut killed both men. Nice confronted Capone at the Lexington Hotel after the murder, but Mellon intervened and urged Nice to persuade local lawyers not to accept Capone’s bills.

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