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Ari: Attack is India’s Hindi language military drama from 2019. [6] It is directed and written by Adita Dhar. [7] Produced by Roni Skriwala, the film stars Vicky Koshal, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam, Mohat Raina and Kirti Kalhari. []] []] After the Indian Army Major Vehan Singh Shergill played a key role in this incident, there is a great danger of avenging Yuri’s uprising in 2016. [10]

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The film was released on January 11, 2019 [12] and grossed 34 2,342.06 million ($ 50 million) worldwide. []] []] It has received rave reviews from critics and highest-grossing films. [13] The film received rave reviews. [14]

The first chapter opens with enthusiasm at a gathering of Indian troops in Chandil, Manipur by the NSCN (K) Army in June 2015. In retaliation, the main culprit, Vehan Singh Shergal (Vicky Koshal), a para-SF police officer and his team came with his brother Major Karan Kashyap (Mohd Raina) and attacked the Northeast sons

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Killed and killed the key leader as a sniper. After a successful coup against the Prime Minister of India (Rajit Kapoor), he congratulates him and the entire party on the dinner party. Wuhan called for early retirement because he wanted to be close to his mother, who is suffering from holiday Alzheimer’s, who was offered an office in New Delhi near his mother. Which he agrees with.]

The second chapter reveals that Wahan took a job at the Headquarters Workers Protection Center in New Delhi and spent time with his family. This section also gives a brief description of the Pathankot attack. A nurse named Jasmine de Almeida (Yami Gautam) was assigned to look after Vehan’s mother. She met an Indian Air Force pilot named Flight Lieutenant Sirat Kaur (Kirti Kalhari), who was trying to prove her love for her slain husband, a military officer who was killed. It happened. One fine day, her mother passed away. He finds her and accuses Jasmine of refusing and tells Jasmine that he doesn’t need to be safe. Her mother appears under the bridge and Jasmine introduces herself as a wise agent. The film warns why the families of Special Forces soldiers have provided security due to threats from terrorists in the Northeast.

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