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Jang is a 2019 Indian Hindi language thriller directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner Shabia Yash Raj Films. Starring Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Sharoof and Wani Kapoor, the film follows an Indian soldier who has lost his former trainer who has gone missing.

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The main characters of the film start in the second week of September 2018 and end in March 2019. Originally called Fighters, the name was changed in July 2019 following the release of Status Coffee Director. By Kumar, and released under the banner of Yash Raj Films Music.

DKK 150. With a budget of DKK 170, a worldwide war was declared on October 2, 2019 in cinemas, 4DX and MX4D starring Gandhi Jain. []] []] []] Also released in Tamil and Telugu, the film received critical reviews for its dramatic and brilliant performances, but for written criticism. Jang holds the record for the most opening day written by a Bollywood film in India. []] With a worldwide gross of over Rs.

In New Delhi, a secret shooter was called by private security guard VK. To shoot a target from afar today. However, the sniper turned to kill Naidu and escaped. It has been reported that Kabir Dhaliwal, a former representative of Wing Research and Research (RAW), is considered one of the best organizations that has come a long way.

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Shortly afterwards, Kabir’s former leader and RAW coordinator, Colonel Sunil Lutra Kabir, referred the coup to Defense Minister Sherna Patel, who demanded that the organization summon former

RAW representative Khalid Rahmani. Earlier, it was overseen by Kabir and represented by former patrons. There was an incident to convey information to Khalid to Kabir, who asked Sunil about the country’s Khalid loyalists and argued that Khalid’s father, Abdul Rehman, was a traitor to the country and that Kabir had killed him. But not only Kabir, whom he considers a great inspiration, also assured Khalid that he would work for his country, no matter what, and earn the respect of his family. .

After completing the mission, Kabir will use Khalid to write after finding out that he was blind when he went to the weapon, about which Khalid clarified that his father’s reputation He looked like a wounded child in a ditch. . Sold out of school bullying, which affected his vision. However,

Kabir finally accepts Khalid after seeing his love and affection, he shows his mother Nafisa, and adds her to his special group, which includes Sarbha, Pritik and Mathew and spy Aditi Nahta. Kabir is planning his next plot to criminalize and harass businessman Rizwan Ilyasi. The team catches Elias, but he tells Kabir that he has a mole on his team who is loyal to his striker.

Sorbh killed Pratik and Mathoo and identified himself as Til. Greedy, he obtained Eliasson’s approval of about $ 100 million for betraying his country. Khalidin became angry with Sohrab and left Kabir with Ilyasi. Kabir, who had almost completed the remake of Albisi, was immediately forgotten by the Eliasi chickens. He set up a hospital to find out if Khalid was still healthy, telling him that Sarabh had died.

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