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Whiplash is a 2014 American animated film written and directed by Damien Chazel. It describes the relationship between jazz music (Mile Taylor) and fine music (J. K. Simmons) at Schaefer Conservatory. Paul Racer and Melissa Bonost co-stars.

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As a feature of the opening song, Wiplash premiered on January 16, 2014 at the Sundance Film Festival 2014. He won the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Award for his performance. []] Sony Pictures received international copyright and released the film in its Sony Classic and Level 6 films for North American and international releases. []] The film was released for commercial release in the United States and Canada on October 10, 2014, and was gradually released on more than 500 screens, ending on March 26, 2015. The film grossed 3. 49 million out of 3 3.3 million. .

The film received special acclaim for Siemens’ performances, cross-editing and Chassell films. At the 87th Graduate School in February 2015, Wiplash won Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actress for Siemens and was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress. The best and the best pictures.


Andrew Newman is the new floor at Schaefer Conservatory in New York City. When he was young, he played the drums and tried to be the world’s most beautiful drummer as Buddy Rich. Terence Fletcher, conductor and band leader of the Schaefer Conservatory Studio Band, invited her in a casual outfit for drummer Carl Tanner. Andrew, however, was quick to see that Fletcher was a harsh and unfounded target of dissatisfaction for his students. While the band recounts a “whiplash” piece by Hank Levy and Andrew struggles to gain a foothold, Fletcher bumps into the chair next to him, hits him and hits him in his clothes.

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Compared to jazz, after his first set, Andrew Tanners miswritten the song. When he called their second set, Tanner could not play without his form, but Andrew claimed he could “whiplash” after the memory. After completing the performance, Fletcher Andrew supported the young drummer for the studio band, but he also hired Ryan Connolly, a lower-class music group drummer. Andrew understands that Connolly is a minor blow to him, and when dealt with, Fletcher supports Corley for Corley. Andrew decided to show Fletcher and performed until his hands began to bleed and he broke up with his girlfriend Nicole. After a five-hour meeting with Tanner and Connolly on the theme, where Fletcher was ill from the chair and screamed, Andrew finally took the lead.

On the way to his next race, Andrew got on the bus. He rented a car but arrived late and found that he had left his drum in the apartment. After Fletcher decided to wait for him, Andrew stepped back and picked them up, but his car collided with a truck on the way back. He walks through the rubble and runs back to the theater and when the costumes come on stage. When his injury caused him to struggle to play “Caravan”, Fletcher left the show and released Andrew, which caused him to leave the stage, resulting in his dismissal from Schaefer.

At his father’s urging, Andrew met with lawyers representing the parents of former Flat former student Sean Casey during a controversial lawsuit against Schaffer. Contrary to Fletcher’s claim before Sean died in a car accident, the lawyer explained that Sean had hanged himself out of stress and anxiety over Fletcher’s abuse. Sean’s parents wanted to see Fletcher stop teaching. Andrew agreed to testify anonymously, and Fletcher was fired.

After being deported, Andrew stopped shopping and working in a restaurant. He saw Fletcher perform as a piano at a jazz club. Fletcher packed a little Andrew and invited him for a drink. Fletcher admits to the hardships of coaching, but he only wants his students to prove themselves the best, and about Charlie P.

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